2K23 MyCareer: How to get Nike, Adidas, Converse shoes?

NBA 2K23 brought along a lot of changes to the long-running MyCareer mode.

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NBA 2K23 brought along a lot of changes to the long-running MyCareer mode. While not all of them have impressed the fans, not all of them can be written off completely. Some players have expressed their disappointment towards the mandatory quests and activities, for instance, the skateboarding mission.

Even the most loyal fans are not happy with the incredibly low VC payouts for finishing challenges and other tasks. However, what hasn’t changed is the community’s love of buying new shoes within the game.

How to buy shoes and use them in NBA 2K23

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players are only required to find their favorite shoe store in The City. But one thing is certain there are a lot of shoes to pick from: Adidas, Nike, Converse, and Under Armour are just a few big names.

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Once users manage to find a shoe shop of their preference, they can visit it and open up the shop menu. Hitting the ‘On Court’ tab will show them the shoes that can be equipped in MyCareer and PRO-AM.

To add a new pair of kicks to the cart, NBA 2K23 players are required to use available VC to complete their purchase. Once the shopping part is over, leaving the store is the only method to equip the newly purchased shoes.

Hitting the ‘Start’ button will take players to the next step, followed by starting the ‘MyPlayer’ tab and selecting ‘Appearance’.

The ‘Clothes’ menu will prompt on itself, letting players to equip their new kicks for The City, PRO-AM/Rec Center, On Court, and Suits. On tapping on any of these tabs will take players to another menu where they will get the options of equipping/unequipping shoes,  making it an easy process.

Many NBA 2K23 players will definitely like this in order to save their VC and build their MyCareer stats. Despite this, looking dapper while paving your way to the NBA Finals will certainly be a priority for several players. NBA 2K23 is now available to play on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

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