15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

We sifted through the whole roster of Pokemon Legendaries to find the finest of the best, and we've compiled a Top 15 list that you can read about below.

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time. (Credits: Pokemon Company)

Pokemon has gone a long way from the Game Boy’s Red and Blue. There are Mythic Pokemon, Shadow Pokemon, and, of course, the extremely rare Shiny varieties that gamers will spend hours searching down. And just to commemorate that, Sportslumo has compiled a list of 15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time.

Legendary Pokemon, on the other hand, are undoubtedly the most prized addition to any Trainer’s Pokedex. So date, there have been 59 of them, with at least three appearing in each iteration of the franchise.

These animals are the most powerful in the games, and their designs are some of the most epic in history. It’s no surprise that every generation devours leaks about them and is ecstatic to get their hands on them once they’re released.

We sifted through the whole roster of Pokemon Legendaries to find the finest of the best, and we’ve compiled a Top 15 list that you can read about below. We looked at things like power, character design, lore, and fan popularity.

We won’t be featuring Pokemon like Arceus and Mew because they’re technically Mythic Pokemon, not Legendary – but rest assured, they’d be here if they were Legendary.

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon

15. Calyrex

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time
Image credits: IGN

Calyrex, the ancient monarch of the Galar area that debuted in the Sword & Shield expansion pack The Crown Tundra, is the newest addition to the Legendary scene in Pokemon. It has a fascinating backstory and, because to its several forms, is one of the most powerful Legendary Pokemon.

With its hallmark move Astral Barrage inflicting plenty of damage and the ability Grim Neigh raising its already monstrous 165 Special Attack stat, Shadow Rider Calyrex is the clear standout. Although Ice Rider Calyrex has a modest speed, it has an astounding 165 attack, making it a tough opponent.

14. Zekrom

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Zekrom and Reshiram are yin and yang counterpart Legendaries from Generation V’s Black and White. While both are powerful complements to any trainer’s squad, Zekrom is without a question the coolest of the two, with a sleek black design and Dragon/Electric typing.

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Its 150 Attack and 120 Special Attack stats allow it to dominate in battle. Outside of the main games, Zekrom has proven to be a hit, starring with antagonist Nobunaga in the underappreciated spin-off game Pokemon Conquest and dominating the show in the animated film Pokemon White – Victini and Zekrom.

13. Solgaleo

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Solgaleo is a member of the light trio that initially appears in the Alola area of Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo 3DS, alongside Lunala and Necrozma. It’s one of the most ornately designed Legendaries, and the elegance of its lion inspiration helps it stand out.

Solgaleo’s initial stats are outstanding, with high HP and Attack, and its signature move Sunsteel Strike deals damage regardless of any defensive abilities. It’s a good offensive complement to your line because of this.

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12. Zacian

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Zacian, the franchise’s most recent Fairy-type Legendary, served as the mascot for Pokemon Sword. It boasts one of the most unique Legendary designs, including a sword in its mouth, which at first seemed odd, but has since evolved into a defining element and a fan favourite.

When handed a Rusted Sword to grasp, Zacian benefits from having a Crowned Sword form. With a staggering 720 basic stat, including an earth-shattering 170 Attack number, it’s one of the most powerful Fairy-types ever seen in the series. It also gets Steel-typing, which gives it a tonne of type resistances.

11. Ho-Oh

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Ho-Oh is the sky’s guardian and can resurrect the dead, which is how the three Legendary Beasts from Generation II came to be – which is more than enough to earn it a spot on our list.

In terms of the anime series, Ho-Oh was the first Legendary that viewers saw. It initially emerged in the sky over Ash at the end of the first episode, and it continues to hold a particular place in the hearts of fans.

10. Xerneas

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

The stag-like Xerneas, who first appeared in Pokemon X & Y on the Nintendo 3DS, has the ability to offer perpetual life, which is undoubtedly the most sought-after and powerful ability in the world. Unfortunately, it transforms into a tree and sleeps for 1,000 years when it expends too much life force.

Xerneas was the franchise’s first Fairy-type Legendary, making him a fan favourite. Fairy-types are effective both offensively and defensively against Dragon-types, which are frequently among the most powerful Pokemon in the games, making them an excellent addition to your squad.

9. Kyurem

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Kyurem is the empty shell that remained when Reshiram and Zekrom were split apart, according to Pokemon lore, but it is still regarded a Pokemon. Kyurem represents the concept of wuji, or the absence of yin and yang, while the other two Pokemon represent yin and yang.

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While it is weaker than both Zekrom and Reshiram in its regular form, it outshines them both because it can fuse with either of them using its DNA Splicers to become one of two ultimate forms: White Kyurem or Black Kyurem.

8. Dialga

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Dialga is a massive dinosaur with metal armour and the power to manipulate time with the diamond on its breast. It doesn’t get much cooler than that, and in terms of design alone, it trumps out its space-controlling sibling Palkia.

Dialga has a significant edge over other Dragon/Steel-types in the game because it is resistant to nine types, making it a formidable opponent. Its hallmark move, Roar of Time, may require you to miss a round, but it’s a devastating assault worth having in your repertoire.

7. Lugia

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

While the original Legendary three of Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres maintain a particular place in the hearts of fans due to nostalgia, they’ve all been outdone by subsequent Legendaries. Lugia, who is the master of Kanto’s Legendary birds, is one of them.

Lugia is known as the “guardian of the seas” since she is the only one who has power over the Legendary birds and can create and calm storms with her wings. It’s also gotten a lot more attention than its Legendary counterpart, Ho-Oh, and has surpassed it in terms of popularity.

6. Suicune

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Suicune has nailed it when it comes to character design. It has a purple mane that resembles the aurora borealis, and two streamer tails for added coolness. It symbolises the rain that fell after the fire of the Brass Tower, a legend that also resurrected Raikou and Entei.

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The Water-type Legendary has established itself as a standout in the Pokemon franchise, with lots of meaty narratives spanning movies and anime episodes, leaving its fellow Johto Legendaries in the dust.

5. Groudon

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

The immensely powerful weather trio Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza have gone on to become three of the most desired Legendaries in the Pokemon universe since their appearance in Gen III’s Hoenn region, therefore they all deserve a spot on this list.

Groudon is a rare Ground-type Legendary who governs over the land. It possesses excellent Attack (150) and Defense (150) stats, as well as a wonderful ability called Drought, which summons harsh sunshine, boosting Fire-type attacks while damaging Water-types, such as Kyogre.

When you add in the ability of Primal Reversion, which gives it a total base stat of 770, it’s an absolute beast on the battlefield.

4. Kyogre

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Because the competition between land-based Groudon and water-based Kyogre has raged since ancient times, selecting which of the two primordial animals should rank higher on this list was challenging. But, in the end, the Water-type Legendary triumphed for a variety of reasons.

Kyogre is the most powerful Water-type Pokemon in the game, which makes sense given that it is considered as the personification of the sea. It has the ability to fly despite its size and type.

Because the Gen III’mon has a type advantage over its Legendary counterpart Groudon, a battle between the two would almost certainly benefit the former. As a result, it has risen to the top of this list.

3. Giratina

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Giratina is one of the most scary Pokemon in the franchise’s history. Giratina is the embodiment of antimatter, and can traverse through dimensions at will, unlike its fellow Sinnoh creation trio Legendaries Dialga and Palkia, who symbolise time and space, respectively.

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The draconic Pokemon is in charge of the Distortion World, a parallel realm, and has two different Formes, one for offence and one for defence. Its main move, the Ghost-type Shadow Force, is a potent addition that can cause havoc in nearly any battle.

2. Rayquaza

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Over the course of its decade-and-a-half existence, Pokemon has introduced a slew of dragon Legendaries, with many of them, like as Zekrom and Giratina, becoming some of the franchise’s most popular characters. Rayquaza, on the other hand, is our favourite dragon type.

It was the first Pokemon to Mega Evolve, as discovered in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and was powerful enough to save humanity by putting an end to the struggle between Groudon and Kyogre, its fellow Hoenn region weather trio Legendaries, proving that it rules supreme.

1. Mewtwo

15 best Ranked Legendary Pokemon of all time

Could we have topped this list with any other Pokemon? Most gamers will agree that the iconic Mewtwo is the ultimate Legendary, whether you’re new to the community or have been there since the beginning.

Mewtwo, aside from possessing awesome abilities like telekinesis and mind control, has the best backstory of any Pokemon: it’s a Mew clone made by scientists after a series of “horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering operations.” It has a violent nature as a result of this, and it solely cares about defeating its enemies.

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