The 10 Greatest Feuds in AEW History

From heated clashes between former allies to showdowns between top contenders, AEW has produced countless memorable moments.

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AEW has quickly established itself as an intense and captivating brawl platform that showcases the best in the business. From heated clashes between former allies to showdowns between top contenders, AEW has produced countless memorable moments.

While some feuds were short-lived, others spanned long-term storylines that quickly became iconic events in the wrestling world. The promotion’s ability to create compelling storylines and provide fans with enduring classics cemented its reputation as a destination for intense and memorable feuds.

10. Orange Cassidy Vs. Chris Jericho

In the summer of 2020, Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy had a feud where Cassidy’s lackadaisical wrestling style contrasted with his moments of intense motivation. They faced off twice on Dynamite, each winning one match.

The feud reached its climax at All Out 2020 with the Mimosa Mayhem Match, which Cassidy won by dunking Jericho into a pool of mimosa, cleverly referencing Jericho’s “the bubbly” persona. While the feud didn’t significantly elevate Cassidy’s status, it remains one of the most underrated feuds in AEW history.

9. The Elite Vs. The Inner Circle

The Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz engaged in full-fledged factional warfare between the Elite and the Inner Circle, creating an engaging storyline. Despite the absence of live fans during the pandemic, the rivalry was well-built and featured some exciting matches.

This faction vs. faction feud left a lasting impression on fans as one of AEW’s first and most memorable, showcasing excellent development and storytelling.

8. Chris Jericho Vs. MJF

The ongoing feud between Jericho and MJF began when MJF defeated Jericho at Full Gear and joined The Inner Circle. The memorable pre-match segment featured a dinner turned Broadway-like musical, blending intensity and silliness to build anticipation. After a brief alliance, MJF betrayed The Inner Circle to form The Pinnacle.

Their rivalry escalated with a Blood and Guts cage match between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle, where Jericho took a risky fall from the cage onto the entrance ramp. The feud concluded at All Out 2021, with Jericho triumphing over a series of opponents selected by MJF. However, the subsequent repetition of this storyline during MJF’s feud with Bryan Danielson detracted from its impact.

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7. The Young Bucks Vs. Adam Page & Kenny Omega

The storyline involving The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page was a masterclass in long-term storytelling, captivating fans with its multiple layers. From their origins in “Being The Elite” to AEW’s establishment as a company, fans easily invested in their journey.

The match between them stands as one of the greatest tag team bouts ever, and The Young Bucks played a significant role in the subsequent singles feud between Omega and Page, adding incredible details to the narrative. Notably, their feud produced the highest-rated Dave Meltzer match in AEW‘s history, solidifying its impact on the company’s legacy.

6. FTR Vs. The Young Bucks

The tag team rivalry between FTR and The Young Bucks stands as one of the greatest in AEW’s history. Considered the two top tag teams in the company, their clash has garnered significant acclaim. With FTR’s arrival from WWE, fans eagerly anticipated this showdown. Supporters of both teams engaged in passionate debates, heightening the excitement surrounding the rivalry.

Inside the ring, their distinct styles blended flawlessly, producing captivating and magical performances each time they squared off. The FTR vs. Young Bucks rivalry showcases the epitome of tag team excellence in AEW, leaving a lasting impression on fans and solidifying its status as one of the company’s greatest feuds.

5. Thunder Rosa Vs. Britt Baker

Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker proved to be a perfect match, initiating one of the greatest feuds in AEW history. Their initial encounter on an episode of AEW Dynamite in February 2021 set the stage for a series of exceptional battles. With each subsequent match, Rosa and Baker delivered an amazing performances.

The pinnacle of their rivalry came when Rosa captured the AEW Women’s World Title from Baker in a Steel Cage Match, bringing a sense of closure to their feud, at least for the time being. These two contrasting performers have clashed nine times, with six of their matches earning three stars or higher from Dave Meltzer, solidifying their status as elite competitors.

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4. The Young Bucks Vs. The Lucha Brothers

The Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers ignited multiple feuds, characterized by intense competition that pushed both teams to their limits. While the initial tension arose from the Young Bucks’ arrogant heel personas, it was their subsequent feud that elevated the rivalry to new heights.

The amazing support from fans for the Lucha Bros intensified, culminating in a memorable Steel Cage match that etched this feud as an iconic moment in wrestling history. The Young Bucks’ clashes with the Lucha Brothers showed their ability to create captivating storylines and deliver electrifying in-ring performances, leaving a lasting impact on both teams and the fans.

3. Kenny Omega Vs. Adam Page

Adam Page’s path to the World Championship stands as a monumental achievement in AEW, thanks to the remarkable character development of both Kenny Omega and Adam himself. The seamless integration of their shared history as tag team champions and Bullet Club teammates added depth to their storyline, elevating a standard title feud into a poignant narrative of self-discovery, redemption, and the strength of camaraderie. As for the future, the question lingers whether AEW can surpass this extraordinary feat, as the bar has been set remarkably high by the captivating journey of Omega and Page.

2. MJF Vs. CM Punk

CM Punk’s feud with MJF stands as the greatest in AEW‘s history, stirring both adoration and disdain among fans. This intense rivalry propelled MJF into the spotlight, captivating the entire wrestling world. The clash also symbolized a significant “old school vs. new school” showdown on a grand scale. With equal prowess on the microphone, their feud birthed unforgettable promos that have become an indelible part of AEW’s legacy.

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Their Dog Collar match marked a career-defining moment for MJF, garnering near five-star acclaim from Meltzer and solidifying its place as one of CM Punk’s top three feuds. Both wrestlers displayed peak performance, making it a monumental challenge for any future rivalry to surpass their incredible encounter in AEW.

1. MJF Vs. Cody Rhodes

In MJF’s early storyline, his first major rival was Cody Rhodes in AEW, a feud that showcased similarities to Wardlow’s but achieved greater success. MJF portrayed an insufferable heel, tormenting Cody at every turn. Despite enduring ten brutal lashings from MJF and triumphing over Wardlow in a steel cage match, Cody’s efforts to earn a shot at MJF at Revolution proved in vain.

The match itself, while solid, fell somewhat short of expectations, detracting from an otherwise remarkable rivalry. Notably, the feud produced exceptional promos, benefiting MJF’s character development and contributing to AEW’s early growth by adding depth to its narrative landscape.

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