Michael Jordan fanatic Skip Bayless shames LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and their 10-13 Los Angeles Lakers

Both LeBron James and Anthony Davis face brutal criticism from Skip Bayless as AD suffers another injury scare

Both LeBron James and Anthony Davis face brutal criticism from Skip Bayless and AD suffers another injury scare (October 13 at 7:30 AM IST).
By Shrey Gupta | Dec 7, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

LeBron James and Anthony Davis became the target of criticism from Skip Bayless yet again. Skip, who has been one of LeBron’s loudest critics, found fault in his and Anthony Davis’ load management. Davis, who has been quite injury-prone as a Laker and an NBA player as a whole, exited the Cavalier game with flu-like symptoms. Bayless tweeted out in anger about Anthony Davis’ pre-mature exit. Much like everyone in the NBA, SKip was elated about Anthony Davis’ Linsanity run of 10 games that was cut short in Cleveland. Davis. Davis recently recovered from a foot sprain that kept him out through November. He spent a large proportion of the last season in rehab as well. Skip Bayless claims that Davis and LeBron are unreliable and compares them to his favorite player Michael Jordan. 

Skip Bayless has some words for LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis was forced to leave Los Angeles’ game against the Cleveland Cavaliers after the first quarter on Tuesday night. The Lakers struggled without their All-Star center in a 116-102 loss. LeBron James had a mediocre night with 21 points and grabbing 17 rebounds — his most ever in a road game. Reserve Thomas Bryant replaced Davis and scored a season-high 19 points in 28 minutes, but Los Angeles couldn’t offset the loss of Davis. His exit infuriated Skip Bayless.

 Skip said,”Hey, AD and LeBron: Would you believe Michael Jordan played all 82 games NINE TIMES? He also played 81 one season and 80 another. Doesn’t that make you guys feel just a little bit ashamed … maybe even a little weak?”

Davis had scored 99 points in his previous two games and had been on a tear over the past 10 as the Lakers went 8-2 to erase most of a horrible start this season. He scored just one point in eight minutes before he was forced to leave. Coach Darwin Ham gave an insight into AD and his injury. He said,” His temperature was 101 and some change,” Ham said. “A-D wanted to try to play, but he felt too weak. He’s drained and dehydrated. That’s a huge loss, obviously, with the way he’s been playing lately.”

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Skip Bayless calls Davis ‘disappointing’

Davis was not struggling with a foot or back injury during his latest exit. As an injury-prone star, his flu-based symptom comes as a bitter-sweet relief. Skip, on the other hand, was not amused by this. Just as the NBA saw an MVP-calibre Anthony Davis, an injury stopped him on his way. 

Skip tweeted, “It’s always something with Anthony Davis. Right on schedule, just as he was dominating the league, he played 8 minutes at Cleveland and left with what the Lakers said was an illness. Cavs put it on the Lakers. AD: Always Disappointing. His history says he can’t be trusted.”  Will Anthony Davis continue to tear up the NBA? Only time will tell if Skip is right or if this is just a one-off loss!              

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