LA Lakers Rumours: Have LeBron & Co missed the chance to sign Kyrie Irving?

The Los Angeles Lakers missed out on the opportunity to sign Kyrie Irving at the trade deadline

Kyrie Irving in a file photo. (Image credits: twitter)
By Haryash | Mar 16, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Los Angeles Lakers missed the chance to acquire Kyrie Irving before the trade deadline. The Lakers initially expressed interest in the point guard, but they were unable to match the Dallas Mavericks’ offer, which led them to trade for Irving. Irving may be looking for a team that can offer him a max contract, which the Lakers cannot match financially, according to recent NBA rumors, meaning the Lakers may never have a chance to sign him.

The Lakers would do best to concentrate on their long-term goals rather than getting too caught up in the Kyrie Irving dream despite the fact that Irving’s talent is undeniable and his unreliability and injury history. As they attempt to upgrade their roster at the trade deadline without having the required players or assets to offer in exchange, the Lakers are in a difficult situation. To improve their roster, the team will still look into potential trades.

There have been rumors that Irving and LeBron James could reunite where they once played together, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Lakers may or may not be willing to accept the drama and instability that Irving might bring to the group, though. It is unclear whether the Lakers will ever be able to make a significant acquisition like Irving as they work to assemble a championship-caliber roster.

Kyrie irving hilarious request to Klay Thompson
Kyrie Irving hilarious request to Klay Thompson. Image Credit: NBA official Twitter

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Performance of LA Lakers in 2022-23 session:

The Los Angeles Lakers have a mixed record in the NBA so far in 2022-2023. They made a number of trade deadline acquisitions that improved their perceived power, but they have had trouble integrating Russell Westbrook into their system. Westbrook was brought in as the third star for the team, but he has not lived up to the expectations and has displayed inconsistent play.

LeBron James, a crucial player for the Lakers who has been sidelined with ankle pain, has also suffered injuries. With the help of the newly acquired players, the team had a chance to advance in the Western Conference standings before the All-Star break thanks to the victory over the Golden State Warriors while they were absent.

The Lakers have a record of 31-24 overall, which puts them in seventh place in the Western Conference. Both inspiring triumphs and disheartening defeats have been part of their journey. The team needs to keep strengthening their team dynamic and integrating their new players if they hope to advance in the playoffs. As the All-Star break draws near, they will have some time to reflect and plan for the remainder of the season.

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