What If Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Explore the alternate universe in What If Season 2 Episode 7 as Hela lands on Earth, seeking the Ten Rings. With Odin, Wenwu, and a clash of powers, this episode promises a unique twist. Read on for release details, spoilers, and the ultimate streaming guide.

What If Season 2 (Credits: Disney/Marvel Studios)
By Saheel Khirodkar | Dec 28, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

As the anticipation for the next installment of What If Season 2 continues to build fans are eager to uncover the twists and turns that await them in Episode 7. This chapter takes a captivating turn, exploring the consequences of Odin sending Hela to Earth instead of Thor. Let’s delve into the details of this alternate universe and what viewers can expect from the upcoming episode.

Recap of Episode 6

In the previous episode, titled “What if Captain Carter fought the Hydra Stomper,” the narrative follows Captain Carter’s journey in an altered timeline. Instead of getting trapped in the ice, she is transported to the present day during the events of the first Avengers movie. The Watcher intervenes, assembling a Multiverse Avengers team, setting the stage for a unique storyline with familiar characters and witty banter.

Preview of What If Season 2 Episode 7: “What If… Hela Found the Ten Rings?”

In this intriguing episode, titled “What If… Hela Found the Ten Rings?,” the focus shifts to Hela, the Goddess of Death. In a departure from the original storyline, Odin decides to punish Hela for her bloodlust by stripping her of her powers and sending her to Earth. However, the allure of the Ten Rings becomes a focal point, attempting to reignite Hela’s evil appetite as she lands in ancient China. The stage is set for a clash involving powerful entities, including Wenwu and Odin.

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Release Date and Time of What If Season 2 Episode 7

What If Season 2 Episode 7 is scheduled to release on December 28, 2023, on Disney Plus. Fans can catch the episode at 3:00 AM PT in the US. For viewers around the world, here are the release timings:

Time ZoneRelease TimeDate
Pacific Time (New York)3:00 AM on ThursdayDecember 28, 2023
Eastern Time (Canada)6:00 AM on ThursdayDecember 28, 2023
Greenwich Mean Time (London)11:00 AM on ThursdayDecember 28, 2023
Central European Time (Germany)12:00 PM on ThursdayDecember 28, 2023
Philippine Standard Time (Philippines)6:00 PM on ThursdayDecember 28, 2023
Australian Standard Time (Australia)8:00 PM on ThursdayDecember 28, 2023

Note: The release times are subject to change, and viewers are advised to check for updates.

Where to Watch What If Season 2 Episode 7?

For fans eager to catch the action, What If Season 2 Episode 7 will be available for streaming exclusively on Disney Plus. The platform offers a seamless viewing experience for subscribers, allowing them to access the latest episodes as soon as they are released.

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Final Thoughts

As the alternate narratives continue to unfold in What If Season 2, Episode 7 promises a captivating exploration of what could have been. The clash of powerful characters, the allure of the Ten Rings, and the unexpected alliances create an exciting blend of storytelling that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. As we await the release, the multiverse beckons with endless possibilities, and fans are in for another thrilling chapter in this animated journey through alternate realities.

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