VALORANT: The top 5 rarest player cards in the game

Player cards, however, have been the simplest way to display uncommon collectibles since the game's inception.

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By Shubham Dalal | May 1, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Customization distinguishes the novice players (and smurfs) from the seasoned ones in VALORANT. This is true for a variety of things, including your knife and gun skins and even your gun buddies. Player cards, however, have been the simplest way to display uncommon collectibles since the game’s inception.

However, whereas a gun’s rarity is generally known by its class, some player cards can leave the lobby with the question, “How did they get that one?” If you need more information about VALORANT: The top 5 rarest player cards in the game, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

VALORANT: The top 5 rarest player cards in the game

Here are the five most uncommon player cards in VALORANT, from early access to limited-time bundles, along with explanations of why they are so uncommon.

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Stained Glass player card

The Stained Glass player card was among the first variations of VALORANT’s player cards to feature a distinctive design. This was formerly reachable from the closed beta but has since vanished, much like the beta player cards. You might not even find this player card online any longer because it was rumored to have been removed from the game. No one is certain if it will be permanently removed or if a subsequent update will include it due to its secrecy.

The two closed-beta cards are still uncommon

Even though the VALORANT beta was extremely popular, the closed beta period gave some of the game’s earliest fans access to a rare player card. The simple designs of the VALORANT Beta and Beta Pioneer cards feature the beta symbol and a black-and-white monochrome finish. It wasn’t just restricted to closed beta participants; in order to unlock them, they also had to reach certain levels of the closed beta rewards. These cards have only been available to those players since April 7, 2020, and they most likely won’t be available again.

Early battle passes and bundle cards have been lost to time

The last two cards on this list are two that were only available very early in the life cycle of VALORANT. These are from the game’s full release onwards, but just like with the beta, there aren’t many people who have played that long. The extremely rare MMXX Founder player card can be obtained by fulfilling the prerequisite of purchasing the battle pass. This player card is from the battle pass for the first act and is called the Founder card to reflect the increasing rarity it will have over time. Not to mention that the Prime bundle was the first VALORANT skin bundle to include a player card. The last rare player card on this list is thus its player card.

Many players actively seek out the skins in their stores or in their night markets because they are highly regarded. The player card, on the other hand, is more uncommon because you could only get it by purchasing the entire Prime bundle when it was still in stock.

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