Top 5 pro tips and tricks for BGMI and PUBG Mobile players

By Naman Alok | Aug 6, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

BGMI and PUBG Mobile are two famous battle royale games which almost everyone loves; every day new players come and join our BGMI and PUBG Mobile community. But in their initial gameplay, they face different problems due to a lack of information about the game and its different components and mechanism. To help those newcomers understand the game and its different components and mechanism and play the game better, here I am sharing some useful tips and tricks; using which the players can improve their gameplay to a huge extent.

Here are the top 5 tips and tricks for BGMI and PUBG Mobile players

1. The first amazing trick is the bike trick just ask your teammate to apply a skin to it now while you’re riding this bike if an enemy starts to chase you, all you need to do is click this skin change button to stop the bike instantly. Then boom your enemy will get confused by this and you can finish them easily from their behind

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2. The second useful trick is here if an enemy is camping near the stairs at the apartment just come towards this door and do a  ledge grab like this now climb onto it and finish and surprise your enemy by their behind

3. The third amazing trick is an awesome trick for these kinds of three-story buildings climb to the top floor and  get outside this window now jump towards this roof and climb onto it in this manner just wait for your enemies and finish and surprise them easily

4. The fourth cool trick is never to use your spike trap on plane roads this is visible from a far distance hence the enemy can easily escape from this always use it at the end of the bridge where you see this dip now since the spike trap is inside the dip no one coming from the bridge can spot this and hence they’ll fall into your trap and then you finish your enemy easily

5. The fifth useful trick is if an enemy is camping inside this building near pochinki just come towards this broken wall and climb over it and jump towards this railing and get into the building and surprise your enemy from their behind.

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