TH15 Super Archer Lavaloons Attack strategy in Clash of Clans

This attack strategy is the thinking of the writer, the player can change the troops and Spell according to his own.

By Naman Alok | Dec 30, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Town Hall 15 Update is out in Clash of Clans. Which the players are very much like. After the arrival of Town Hall 15, all the defences have been upgraded. New Troops and spells have also been added. After the arrival of Town Hall 15, it remains to be seen whether the old strategy can destroy the bases of Town Hall 15 or a new army structure will have to be designed to destroy the town hall 15 bases. In this article, we will look at the new Town Hall 15 attack strategy. TH15 Super Archer Lavaloons Attack strategy in Clash of Clans

Town hall 15 Super Archer Lavaloons Attack strategy in clash of clans

It is a highly offensive strategy that destroys town hall 15 Bases in clan wars and multiplayer raids. Players use it in multiplayer battles to level up the title leaderboards and reach League of Legends.

Lavaloons is a famous attack strategy. Which is used by a lot of players. In this attack strategy, we use Lava Hound with Balloons. Although the damage of Balloons is very high, its hitpoint is very low, so he can quickly be taken down by defences. And so to keep the balloons safe, Lava Hound is used so that the balloons are safe and destroy the base till the end.

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The army structure of the town hall 15 attack strategy is as follows:

• 27 Balloons

• 5 Rocket Balloons

• 1 Ice Hound 

• 1 Ice Golem

• 5 Head Hunter

• 4 Head Hunter 

• 1 Baby Dragon  

• 2 Super Wall Breaker

• 1 Electro Titan 

• 1 Wizard

• 9 Minion

• 2 Archer 

• 5 Invisible Spells

• 2 Clone Spells

• CC troops ( 3 Super Archer + 1 invisible spell, 1 Rage Spell + Battle Blimp)

How to use this attack strategy in clash of clans?

Depending on the enemy base, players will understand the army structure and attack strategy and apply it in combat engagements, but it is better to practice attack strategy in multiplayer fights before implementing it. Here are the steps to use the Witch Bat Slap strategy in the game

• This attack is very simple. first, we will deploy some rocket balloons with  battle blimp from a side of the base. after entering balloons and Blimp in the base, we will use grand Warden ability, so that our Troops and blimp can survive for a long time.

• when battle blimp will be sent to the centre of the base. As soon as the Battle Blimp is destroyed, clone Spell, rage spell and invisible Spells will continue to drop on the Super Archer, until the Town Hall is not destroyed.

• In another corner, we deploy Ice Golem, King, Electro titan, and Queen to kill cc troops. After that in 3rd corner, deploy the royal champion. At last, we cover all the base with the remaining balloons and Ice Hound.

Finally, this is a powerful attack strategy in Clash of Clans that can be used in both multiplayer and clan warfare. Players can switch rage spells with lightning spells to take down a High damage defence.

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