Rainbow Six Siege Recevies Mid-Season Roadmap Update

As Rainbow Six Siege moves into its seventh year, Ubisoft has taken the opportunity to figure out the next steps on the roadmap.

By Shubham Dalal | Nov 7, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

As Rainbow Six Siege moves into its seventh year, Ubisoft has taken the opportunity to figure out the next steps on the roadmap. At the center of this mid-season update were details about the next leg of the journey – the Y7S4. Despite being seven years old, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular esports titles, and it is continually being worked on by Ubisoft. When season four drops, it will bring with it a string of updates that players have been waiting for a relatively long time.If you need more information about Rainbow Six Siege Recevies Mid-Season Roadmap Update then read carefully.

Rainbow Six Siege Recevies Mid-Season Roadmap Update

For some, Rainbow Six Sieges is the pinnacle of multiplayer FPS action, boasting a constantly evolving environment that has so far managed to ‘survive’ while other games have come and gone. It was app builder with always esports games in mind, and all over the years for developers , it has become increasingly popular as a competitive title for Rainbow six siege . With the Y7S4, the platform will be expanded and refined, with Ubisoft introducing a range of features designed to improve the overall experience for the player.

At the top of the update was a mention of Rank 2.0, which was touted as a key feature coming to the Y7S4. Reportedly, the existing Rainbow Six ranked platform has been ‘fine-tuned’, taking into account how Ubisoft has attributed the ranks, among other things. As one of the most advanced competitive platforms in modern gaming, Rainbow Six also has a relatively well-accepted Ranked Mode – but improvements are always welcome.In the interest of transparency, developers are added brand new feature is coming to Rainbow Six Siege game that will allow all the users of game to access their ‘prestige status’. In Y7S4, it will be offered as a beta product, aimed at getting players involved in the process which will eventually give them the opportunity to ‘customize and modify their interactions accordingly’. Unfortunately, Rainbow Six Siege has long been a problem with toxic players,But as a community-first developer, Ubisoft is determined to change that fact over time.

As part of the mid-season update imagery, Ubisoft reiterated the upcoming inclusion of cross-play in Rainbow Six Sieges, but this was not expanded upon in the update itself. At the moment, it is believed that the cross-play and cross-progression in Rainbow Six Siege will only happen on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, but there is not much information about it at this time.And of course, as is the case with these updates, an entirely new map with a new operator will be thrown into the mix in the Y7S4.

There’s a lot of life left in the Rainbow Six Siege ecosystem, from esports tournaments to updates flooding the platform. This month, the Six Jönköping Major will be held, bringing together the world’s best R6S teams on a grand stage in Sweden. Then, in February, the 2023 iteration of the Six Invitational is likely to be held, which stands firmly as one of the most valuable, most popular esports tournaments in the business.

Ultimately, according to Ubisoft, the goal is to advance the ten-year lifecycle for Rainbow Six Siege. That means we have another three years left in the tank where Siege is concerned, and in that time, countless new features will be introduced to the platform. Will it stand the test of time while many of its competitors continue to roll out new iterations? Check out our thought piece to determine if Rainbow Six is dying.

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