Rainbow Six Siege: Best Brava Counters in the Game

The upcoming operation of Rainbow Six Siege is just around the corner! Operation Commanding Force is coming to Rainbow Six Siege next month.

Rainbow Six Siege: Best Brava Counters in the Game, Credit: Rainbow Six
By Shubham Dalal | Mar 7, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The upcoming operation of Rainbow Six Siege is just around the corner! Operation Commanding Force is coming to Rainbow Six Siege next month. In addition, tons of new features will be added to the game, including a special update for console players! With the release of Operation Commanding Force, a new operator will be joining Rainbow Six Siege. It’s brava time. The other option is to spot and destroy an apparently incoming clue drone. The drone allows him to capture and control enemy equipment, making it a powerful tool when pursuing objectives. If you need more information about Rainbow Six Siege: Best Brava Counters in the Game then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Rainbow Six Siege: Best Brava Counters in the Game

However, with the right operator, combat drones are not impossible. There are many ways to deal with the pesky new item, but a few characters make it a much easier experience. Here are some of the best counters to Brava in Rainbow Six Siege.

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The three best Brava counters:


Mute is the best counters brava in the rainbow six siege game and electronic attacking gadget in Siege is with Mute’s Signal Disruptors. It disables any electronic devices within a small radius, removing them before they can do any damage. This means that Brava will not be able to get its drones close enough to capture or destroy Defender gadgets.


Mozzie’s Pest can steal Kludge drones and this opens up enormous possibilities for the Mozzie player. You can use stolen Cluj drones to steal claymores, and airjabs, and even retake some previously stolen drones. Apparently, Brava can also steal insects. So it depends on who initiates.


The Kludge Drone works just like a drone. So you can still use it to block jammers and deny access to sites. The best approach is to place these counters in places where the Cluj Drones cannot easily shoot them to destroy them first. It is also important to understand that Cluj can steal the drone jammer. This can then disable defender gadgets which will counter your entire defensive strategy.

Vigil’s gadget is also another counter. Since the drones are blind to Vigil, he can easily destroy the drones. While these are some basic ideas for brava, you can be sure that pros will find many unique possibilities and combinations for brava to exploit. Brava joined Rainbow Six Siege in March 2023 as part of Operation Commanding Force.

Rainbow Six Siege Brava Counters:

The game’s depth of 66 other operators means there are already some tough counters and interesting interactions. You have to watch Mozzie’s drone to capture the Spider-Bots while piloting Braava’s drone. Playing as Mozzie I was able to capture Brava’s first drone, before turning this first drone around and capturing my second with the original drone. Vigil, which can be invisible to electronics, is also great at taking down hack-drones.

Honestly, Mozzie feels like a necessary choice now, just like insurance against all your gadgets being flipped over to the enemy’s side. Brava can easily sneak into an enemy base and take control of things like Aruni’s laser gates to trap the defenders on their site or even one of the Maestro’s bulletproof Evil Eye cameras, To take out even more gadgets before using the Anti-Gadget Laser on the Evil Eye.

These questions will probably remain until we see just how much of an impact Brava has on all levels, something that won’t become clear until Year 8, Season 1 launches March 7. In the meantime, it’s hard not to be excited by the possibilities on offer.

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