PUBG New State game gets new name for different platforms

PUBG New State has been positioned as a futuristic title in the popular franchise.

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PUBG New State has been positioned as a futuristic title in the popular franchise, with several features that are unique and game-changing at the same time. The game, which came out in November 2021, has received a good response from the mobile community and has managed to amass impressive numbers in terms of downloads and player base.

In a recent development, the game, previously called PUBG: New State, has been renamed New State Mobile across different platforms, including the game’s official website, and has been referred to with the new name on social media handles.

PUBG New State renamed

Krafton’s latest mobile release, PUBG New State, now has a new identity. The same is indicated by the new logo in the latest graphics on the official handles. On visiting the official website, users can see the game listed with the new moniker under the ‘Product’ category. The official description reads: “Optimized for mobile play, NEW STATE MOBILE will deliver the full battle royale experience straight into players’ hands.”

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Besides, the official blog post about the New State Mobile Open Challenge uses the new name. However, there has been no official announcement regarding the change in name from the company. But it’s likely to happen anytime soon

The renaming is likely aiming to communicate a bigger picture of the PUBG universe. Similarly, Krafton changed PUBG (PC) to PUBG: Battlegrounds last year. Previously, the company stated that rebranding was the first step towards accomplishing the vision for expanding the IP.

New State Mobile esports event

The company has also announced the first New State Mobile esports event. The event will be hosted in Korea and will be expanding with other global events in the coming days. Players will take part in the new BR: Extreme Mode of the game, introduced in the January update. Applications for the event are also open for Korean users who have managed to earn Gold Tier or higher during Season 1.

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