Neon Vs Jett which is Best as Duelist in Ranked?

Jett or Neon which is Best as Duelist in Ranked?

In January 2022, Act 4 of Valorant was launched, and with it came the introduction of Neon, the Agent who zooms about the map. She’s the newest Duelist on the scene, and her speed and abilities have gotten her a lot of attention. Some have predicted that she might even succeed Jett. We’ll have to look into that. We’ll discuss who is the better movement King in today’s guide, as well as Neon Vs Jett which is Best as Duelist in Ranked?

Jett or Neon which is Best as Duelist in Ranked?

Jett Abilities

Jett has always been the go-to Duelist when it comes to gaining entrance to the site and destroying opponents. Her Signature Ability, Tailwind, is the reason she is so powerful. That Ability, combined with the OP, used to define Valorant’s META. With Updraft, Jett may gain vertical height, allowing her to be more nimble and evasive. Cloudburst is a pair of smokes that travel in a zigzag pattern.

Neon Abilities

High Gear, Neon’s signature ability, enabling her to travel at a faster rate. Because the quantity is displayed on a bar slightly above the Abilities HUD, there is a limit. In terms of how it works, this bar is similar to Viper’s Toxin Bar. If she right-clicks while using it, she will slide. It will be tough for her to flee. After two kills, the Slide regenerates, whereas the running mechanic is reliant on the Bar. Fastlane is a comparable Wall Ability to Phoenix’s Firewall.

Neon vs Jett Which Agent is Best?

Jett has the benefit of being able to attack her opponents vertically, whilst Neon focuses on moving rapidly on the ground. These two methods, when used correctly, can result in a large number of kills.

Jett’s Tailwind dash ability is clearly better than the others because she can utilise it while standing still. It also allows her to dash in four separate directions (forward, backward, left, and right.) As a result, Jett is still the best choice when using an Operator. She can get away with it since she can bolt out of unsafe locations around the world.

The Relay Bolt stun is another fantastic initial tool that will aid Neon’s development as a duelist. It may be used to clear corners and even stun key defence positions with precise lineups. Jett Cloud Burst, on the other hand, only lasts a few seconds, making her susceptible whether defending or striking.

Neon’s agent kit is minimal because each skill serves a specific purpose. When these abilities are put together, she shines when it comes to attempting to take a site. As a result, she plays an important role on the team. Just remember to put the facts the team has gathered to good use in order to assist her reach her full potential and win the upper hand in each battle.

Jett’s versatile kit allows her to snowball games, will ensure that she has a place in the meta. Her abilities are more suited to her role as a solitary agent, which is why she will continue to be a top fragger in Valorant even after Neon is released.

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