My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Review, Toya’s Origin Story, Dabi Vs Shoto Climax

The chapter not only explains what happened to Toya after the episode at Sekoto Peak, but it also outlines a portion of AFO's plans.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 350 finally revealed how Toya Todoroki became Dabi, and mangaka Horikoshi did not disappoint. The chapter not only explains what happened to Toya after the episode at Sekoto Peak, but it also outlines a portion of AFO’s plans. My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Review, Toya’s Origin Story, Dabi Vs Shoto Climax

While the chapter attempts to portray Toya in a neutral light, the fandom has grown significantly more sympathetic to Dabi. The final few pages of My Hero Academia Chapter 350, on the other hand, do not reassure fans of Dabi’s survival.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Review: AFO’s plan regarding Shigaraki will be important in Dabi’s origin story

Deku was seen rushing towards U.A. in the previous chapter when the vestige of the Second User of OFA appeared and discouraged him from using the Second Quirk. Back on Okuto Island, Uraraka and Froppy prepared to fight Toga, who appeared disillusioned.

Lida and others were fighting a nomu in Kamino Ward, while Endeavor’s sidekicks tried to help Shoto, who was fighting his brother. Dabi was irritated that their father did not appear and vowed to destroy everything he valued. When he was interrogated, he resolved to tell his younger brother what happened after his supposed death.

“Bound to a Fiery Fate” is the title of My Hero Academia Chapter 350.

Dr. Garaki’s lament

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 began with Dr. Kyodai Garaki muttering to himself inside his cell when he was overheard by a police officer. Garaki deduced that the final war had begun based on the lack of guards.

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He went on to explain how they had painstakingly gathered spares in case Shigaraki failed, and that Dabi was one of them. He was, however, engulfed in darkness, so consumed by his hatred for his father that even AFO couldn’t make use of him.

After Sekoto Peak

When Toya was on the verge of passing out from his flames at Sekoto Peak, he saw a figure that resembled AFO. He awoke in an unknown room, where a group of children informed him that he had been sleeping for three years. Toya noticed that his body and voice had changed, and he immediately remembered his family.

He wished to return home and apologise to his parents and siblings, but a person with the head of a sunflower informed him that this was no longer possible. A voice from a speaker informed him that his internal organs had been severely damaged.

His pain-receptors had been depleted to the point where he could no longer feel pain.

However, with time, they may be able to restore him to his former glory. Toya retorted angrily that he had no intention of learning anything other than from his father. He later burned down the facility and fled, according to My Hero Academia Chapter 350.

Toya’s return home

Dabi told Shoto at Kamino that he did indeed go home after escaping from the facility. Despite the fact that he could no longer use his quirk to its full potential, he wanted to see the change in his family. When he returned home, he discovered his own shrine in his room, and then saw Endeavor train a young Shoto the same way he used to train Toya.

Toya became enraged at his family, especially his father, believing that he had been surpassed. Despite the fact that his body should not have survived more than a month, he persisted due to sheer willpower.

He learned by watching Endeavor on screen, hating him and allowing that hatred to grow within him until his body became numb to the burns caused by his own flames.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 depicted him praying at his own shrine and telling Shoto that on that day.

The flames of vengeance

Garaki claims that, despite the fact that heat is necessary for survival, Dabi’s flames only brought death. When Giran introduced Dabi to the league as an adult, he recognised Garaki and deduced from the nomus that they intended to transform Toya into one of those. He also told Garaki that he had returned for a funeral, most likely Endeavor’s.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 returned to Kamino, where Dabi had intensified the flames. Onima forewarned Shoto, who responded that he was aware that his brother had come in prepared to die.

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