Miss Diya’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, rank, K/D ratio, and YouTube income in June 2022

Miss Diya’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, rank, K/D ratio, and YouTube income in June 2022

Miss Diya’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, rank, K/D ratio, and YouTube income in June 2022

Diya Hazarika, popularly known as Miss Diya in the Free Fire community, is an Indian YouTuber who has been uploading content for the past few years. Her catchy gameplay and critique have earned her a dedicated audience on stage. 

Her YouTube channel BlackPink Gaming currently has over 1.21 million subscribers and her videos have over 84.80 million views. She has another channel called Miss Dia Live, which has 33,000 members.

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Miss Diya’s Free Fire MAX ID, Rank and statistics 

Credits: Garena Free Fire

Miss Diya’s Free Fire MAX ID is 558477413. Her guild name is MISS-DIYA <YT and her guild ID number is 3024263340. Currently, she has a Bronze III rating in Battle Royale mode and a Platinum IV rating in Clash Squad mode.

Miss Diya has 6202 appearances in solo mode and has managed to win 646, resulting in a victory rate of 10.41%. She recorded 13,318 kills and 2,876 headshots and a 21.59% headshot percentage for a K / D ratio of 2.40. The YouTuber has also participated in 11,568 pair matches and ranked first in 2004 with a winning rate of 17.32%. With 29307 frags and 5715 headshots, she maintains a K / D ratio of 3.06 and a 19.50% headshot percentage.

Blackpink Gaming has participated in 11853 squad games and has won 2704 matches with a winning rate of 22.81%. She has scored 30,574 kills and 5,421 headshots, retaining a K / D ratio of 3.34 and a 17.73% headshot percentage.

About Youtube earning

At the time of writing, Miss Diya’s monthly YouTube revenue is between 115 and 1.8K. Her annual earnings through the channel range from 1.4K to $ 22.2K. (Source: Social Blade)

Since Miss Diya started game streaming on the platform in August 2019, Blackpink Gaming has gained a large number of views and members on the YouTube channel. She currently has a total of 834 uploads and the number of her most viewed videos has increased. 7.8 million views.

According to Social Blade, her channel has received 461.558 thousand views in the last 30 days.

Final words

Gaming can also be an earning source. A gamer can also develop into the best instructor and add an earning source to living. Get the best tips from the experts and play well. 

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