Krafton launches new products in 2022 and NFT, promotes new web 3.0

Deep learning, virtual reality, and NFT/Web 3.0 market penetration will be promoted.

Krafton discloses its plans for 2022, which include the introduction of new goods such as NFT and more. Through frequent employee communication events, CEO Chang-Han Kim provides the strategy for 2022. Strengthen publication capabilities and accelerate the introduction of new initiatives like Project M and Callisto Protocol. Here are all of the details.

Deep learning, virtual reality, and NFT/Web 3.0 market penetration will all be accelerated. Introducing ‘The Potential,’ a programme that drives you to work harder and quicker. Krafton Co., Ltd. (CEO Chang-Han Kim) presented the ‘direction for Krafton in 2022’ to members in ‘KRAFTON LIVE TALK (KLT)’, a monthly internal communication programme, with this vision.

Krafton in 2022: Krafton launches new products in 2022 and NFT, promotes new web 3.0

CEO Chang-Han Kim emphasized the direction of creating ‘challenge in a competitive advantage’ and ‘challenge in a new area’ together. CEO Kim said, “Let’s strengthen our competitive edge by increasing the efficiency of live service for previously released games and strengthening our publishing capabilities.” In addition, he said, “We will continue to challenge ourselves to create a new game IP by focusing on developing new games that can target the core fan base.” Various projects scheduled to be released or under development were introduced inside.

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▲Deep Learning ▲Virtual Human ▲VR ▲NFT/Web 3.0 are presented as areas where Krafton can newly expand its game production capabilities and continue to take on new challenges. CEO Kim said, “We plan to use new technology to provide new value to gamers and creators and to create differentiated content. It will,” he said, paying attention to the possibility of new business. In addition, regarding Web 3.0 and NFT, “Web 3.0 is a world where Create-to-Earn (C2E) is accelerated by creating an ecosystem in which more rights are transferred to creators and consumers.” While focusing on the role and strength of a game company that creates fun, we will empower creators to create new content in an expansive ecosystem, and continue to challenge ourselves with our talented partners.”

A new production program, ‘The Potential Program’, which can be tried faster and more challenging, will also be introduced. The Potential Program is a program in which a small team that has undergone a simplified development screening process quickly conducts user tests for one year and verifies the core fun. In addition to PC and mobile, the scope has been expanded to suggest games using new technologies, and it is supported to focus on project production for one year. “The Potential Program is a great opportunity for high-potential members to form a small team and experience the roles of PD and production leader,” said Youngseon Nam, Head of Studio Management at Krafton. We will encourage you,” he said.

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