Is Messi Phantom skin is coming to VALORANT?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The FIFA World Cup hangover is still not over even though the final is finished and Valorant fandom is also trickling with ideas. One fan made Messi Phantom skin that is highly being praised. Is Messi Phantom skin is coming to VALORANT?

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Valorant is famous for its cut-throat gameplay and rounds, but many are hooked to Riot’s FPS for the skins. The maker has some exuberant bundles, and gamers proceed to discover fresh paths to personalize them. One Valorant artist is generally good at developing unofficial designs that look specifically such az Riot’s bundles. Vegod is popular for pink variants, but his new Phantom is on beat with FIFA World Cup.

Valorant fan and artist Vegod has created a bubble gum blue and white variant of BlastX Phantom for Messi. It’s not going to come in the game anytime soon, but gamers would love to have it in the game. 

Messi’s Phantom is plunged in Argentinian colors. White and bubble gum blue streaks are colored all over the BlastX Phantom, which is accessible in flashy hues. Nonetheless, Vegod has protected the skin’s mood modest to match the Argentinian jersey. 

The whole skin is impressive, but the real matter is the details. With just a some extent of yellow on the bolts and perimeters, the artist has included a pop of color. Bullets are painted gold and yellow to include some variant in the monotone skin. Apart from the color, keen-eyed gamers may also see the AFA logo on the side of the gun. The artist didn’t added the third star, but it’s still quite admiring.

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