Is Hogwarts Legacy available for free download?

Is Hogwarts Legacy available for free download? Let's find out.

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By Tanisha Wankhade | Jun 7, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

There’s a great opportunity you’ve probably heard many times people talking about a little game called Hogwarts Legacy at some point this year. Is Hogwarts Legacy available for free download?

The lately Launched Harry Potter RPG seems all ready to be the greatest (although certainly not the best) video game of 2023, having decently sold a gazillion copies in its first ten minutes. Nowadays, video games are a costly affair these days, and we can’t put all our hard-earned money on stinkers.

The good thing about the game is that PlayStation gamers can experience the fun of Hogwarts Legacy due to a free trial period, even though this does arrive with some substantial caveats.

As stated out over on the PlayStation Plus subreddit, Hogwarts Legacy has been included to the service’s Game Trials feature. For those who might not know, Game Trials are there for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, strongly giving them the opportunity to go hands-on with certain launches prior they deciding to buying them. Is that something everyone should get access to? Well, yeah. Let’s know more.

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Well, Hogwarts Legacy has now been included to this scheme. Sadly, every gamer looks like to agree that it’s not really worth it – which is really saying something for a zero-cost download.

While all of the trial demos are there through PS Plus Premium are relatively short, gamers have bristled at the thought of having just 45 minutes to decide and make the decision in your mind for Hogwarts Legacy. That just rarely covers the opening sequence, and unless you really blast your way via it I’m not even sure you’ll make it to Hogwarts in that time.

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Still, if you’re really interested in trying out Hogwarts Legacy and already carry a PS Plus Premium subscription in your back pocket, you might as well give it a rapid shot.

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