How to use Gloo Walls in Free Fire Max? Here’s your guide

Credits: Free Fire Max
By Tanisha Wankhade | Jun 21, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Free Fire gives a vast collection of unique in-game components and Gloo wall is one of them. They can be used for both forceful gameplay and modest gameplay as well. In this article, we will see the details how to use Gloo Walls effectively in Garena Free Fire.

As stated above, you can make use of the gloo wall for aggressive gameplay, you can hurry onto your enemies by utilizing gloo walls. If you opt for slow-paced gameplay, you can utilize Gloom walls when you are glued in an intense action situation focus on. We have given some tips that can certainly help in utilizing Gloo walls in Free Fire Effectively.

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During the crouch position, deploy

Most of the Free Fire gamers use gloo walls while in the stable position. Deploying Gloo Walls when you are in crouch state may be used to build the ideal Gloo Wall. As the opponent would not predict you to be in a crouching position, this will let you to withdraw from an opponent push rapidly to be in a crouch position.

Double Gloo Wall

You cannot transform the height of the cover(gloo wall) and you are providing the horizon to your enemy so that he can grab an easy headshot. The decent solution for this is to be in crouch positions otherwise you will get irritate. But, if you have an additional gloo wall just utilize it on the top of the other Gloo wall so that you can remain in a safe spot.

Gloo wall button size increase 

Free Fire Players will be terrified while getting shot by opponents. Alternatively, they can use Gloo wall instantly to take cover. But if they could not find the gloo wall button, they will get even more panic. The best solution for this is to increase the size of the buttons and place it in a handy position. Customize your layout so that you can get your hands quicker on it.

Shut off your enemy

When the zone shrinks and battles get additional serious. If your enemy is taking cover in a house at the corner and he would certainly use a gloo wall to take cover from you or your team. You can put other gloo walls on your enemy so that he gets shut off and glued in it. Just throw a grenade and kill the enemies easily.

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