How to Earn 3 Star in 2015 Challenge in 10th year on Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the favorite game of all time today. And we know that it has been a long time since Clash of Clans. At this time, Clash of Clans is making its 10th anniversary. Due to which we have got an event named 10th year of clash in the game and we have also got to see new Heroes Skins and Scenery in the game. So in this article we will know how to complete the event.

How to Complete 2015 Challenge 10th year of Clash

The 10th anniversary saw new events and scenery for the Clash of Clans game. In this anniversary also saw one Gem Boost event. However, that 10th anniversary of him saw an in-game event called 10th year of clash. How this game represents his 10 year journey and how it has improved each year to win over players. This event will occasionally display updates to the game over the past decade, changes and implementations made in the game.

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2015 Challenge attack strategy in clash of clans 

In 2015, we were provided with Valkyrie Army to destroy the huge amount of Inferno and Eagle Artillery. A view of this base also shows that Inferno Tower and Eagle Artillery have been introduced in 2015 itself.

• To attack, first deploy 5 to 6 Valkyrie with healers on the side of the X bow. Deploy less Valkyrie so that Eagle Artillery is not activated.

• After deploying the Valkyrie, 2 Hogs will deploy the rider who will destroy the Eagle Artillery in the vacant space on the side of the Eagle Artillery.

• Will now deploy 3 lava hounds and balloons from the side of the town hall.  After that, the raga will spell on the balloons and will also deploy the remaining troops which will destroy the resource.

• Now after destroying Eagle Artillery, deploy all Valkyrie and Hogs Rider and drop all Earthquake spell from one side on all Infer towers. After that our army will destroy all bases.

Army Composition:

• 20 Valkyrie 

• 8 Hogs rider 

• 4 Healer

• 3 Haste Spell 

Clash of Clans Tips & Tricks 2022

• 8 Earthquake Spell

• 2 Poison Spell 

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