How to complete Lunar New Year Challenge Attack strategy in Clash of Clans

By Naman Alok | Jan 19, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


It is well known that Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game. In which new events are introduced in the game by Supercell every few days. Which players are very fond of because players can participate in these events and win games, gold, Elixir and black elixir Players can participate in these challenges for free. All they have to do is modify their army at least according to the challenges. This time game features a new challenge called Jolly Clashmas Challenge. In this challenge, already a base is given, and troops are also provided with it, in this the player can use only troops given by them, the player cannot use his army. Which will give them magic items, resources and experience points. This article covers the new upcoming Challenges and its rewards. How to complete Lunar New Year Challenge Attack strategy in Clash of Clans

How to complete Lunar New Year Challenge in Clash of Clans

In this challenge, the base of the town hall 10 has to be destroyed with the help of an army composition of balloons and Heroes. Before attacking the base, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are air mines at some corners of the base which can kill our troops. That’s why before attacking, find out the mines position in base.

•  Start by breaking a couple of walls and setting off some traps one wall breaker to 5’0 clock bottom right air defense two to this gold storage and then one in this little Gap send the other two across the right-hand side. 

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•  Zoom into these Tesla Place one balloon directly on top of each of them this means you should take all three but if you need to use a fourth balloon go for it wizard statue on the right one balloon to the statue on the right one balloon to the top of the statue one to the bottom same with a barbarian one to the top one to the bottom then place a poison on the right here with the queen and five healers. 

•  if there are multiple Tesla left over IE more than one use another balloon but I’m good in this scenario one balloon to the right of this Lantern one to the left of this one to pull the poison Tower

• Skeleton spell where we initially broke followed by the king and a valkyrie now zoom up to the queen as she approaches the grand Warden tatue we’re going to rage over the top of the golden tree. 

• Plan Castle troops on this right hand side followed by the valkyrie behind the queen as the balloons drift towards the inner part of the base where that Expo is Rage them again reinforce the bottom Teslas with balloons one to each Tesla if there is a Tesla stays up then use another balloon in order to guarantee you take these down keep an eye on the queen ability at this stage use it whenever she is under the heaviest fire most of the time when she engages this back export and the enemy Queen should you not get the poison Tower you should be able to take out the core of the base before it is reactivated to the top area of the base core of the base before it is reactivated to the top area of the base one rage in front of each of the infernos with a heel right in the middle you have two lava hands from this area then you should have around about 20 balloons left spread them behind the hounds some to the left some to the right they will collapse Into The Inferno towers and take down this top trolley area before moving down to reinforce your queen now there are a lot. 

•  Finally, after applying this medthod perfectly, we win battle easily.

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