How to Change Region in League of Legends

Riot Games has set up league servers in various locations to accommodate the MOBA's large player base.

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League of Legends is played daily by millions of players around the world. Riot Games has set up league servers in various locations to accommodate the MOBA’s large player base. Riot accounts are limited to their specific server, so a player playing on an NA (North America) server will not be able to use their details to login and play on an EUW (Europe West) server.To change your region in League you need to either transfer your account to another server or create a new account for the specific server. So if you’re moving permanently to another location or going on a long trip, you may want to transfer your league account to keep your pings low and retain your skins, emotes, and other cosmetics. Huh. Here’s how to change your region in League of Legends.

How to Change Region in League of Legends :

League of Legends is a Strategy and Multiplayer Battle Arena (MOBA) game by Riot Games. In LoL, you fight your enemies in different areas and destroy their bases. It’s a 5v5 PVP battle against players. You can build your team and destroy your enemies’ towers. There are some players who grind in their current zone.Changing your region in League is quite simple, you can do it through the game client.

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  • Open the client and navigate to the store.
  • Here in the top right click on ‘Account’ next to the ‘Purchase RP’ and ‘Gifting Center’ icon.
  •  Select the your region to which you want to transfer your account.

There are various disciplines related to his field. If you are a player who wants to switch to a different guide, then you have come to the right place. Here’s our guide on how to change a region in League of Legends (LOL).

What do I keep when I transfer my account to League of Legends?

  • Summoner Level
  • Champions and skins (ward skins, too)
  • Emotes
  • Rune pages
  • Summoner Icons
  • XP boosts
  • BE balance
  • Remaining RP (after the cost of the transfer)
  • Friends List
  • Hextech Crafting Inventory
  • Champion Mastery levels
  • Hidden MMR value (adapted to the new region)
  • Statistics: games played, takedowns, wins, etc.
  • Loading screen borders
  • Item Sets
  • Summoner name (if it’s available)
  • Username (as long as it’s globally unique)
  • Eternals Progress
  • Challenges Progress

Here’s a list of things that won’t move when the league changes regions:

  • Victory Points
  • Honor Level
  • Forum Badges
  • Current Ranked League placement
  • Mission Progress
  • Your Shop offers
  • Clash trophies
  • Clash Banners
  • Clash Flag Frames
  • Clash Club affiliations
  • Loot Milestone Progress

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