Here are All The VALORANT 6.0 Update Patch Notes

A new episode of VALORANT means a new patch of changes, with Patch 6.0 accompanying the launch of Episode Six, Act One.

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A new episode of VALORANT means a new patch of changes, with Patch 6.0 accompanying the launch of Episode Six, Act One. This new episode and subsequent new patch feature a new map, the long-awaited return of a favorite map, some new competitive updates, and more. VALORANT is starting off 2023 with Episode 6 Act I, and the tactical FPS is expected to see other big changes throughout the year, such as the Premiere competitive mode. So, if you need a full breakdown of the VALORANT patch notes 6.0 and the changes, If you need more information about VALORANT 6.0 Update Patch Notes then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

All the VALORANT 6.0 update patch Notes :

Here are all the patch notes for VALORANT update 6.0.

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Lotus has been added :

The newest addition to the VALORANT map pool is Lotus, a beautiful location carved out of Indian rockface featuring beautiful architecture. There are numerous gameplay features in this map that stand out: it’s a three-site map, there are rotating doors that open with a switch, and there is a destructible connector.During 6.0, the Lotus-only queue will only be playable in Swiftplay mode for one week. The map will then go into the competitive and unrated map rotation in Patch 6.1.

Split is back with some changes :

After some time away, Split is back with some significant tweaks, but no drastic overhauls. Here are the highlights:

  • On A main, the opening area for attackers has been widened and given a small ledge.
  • The A rafters area has been partly removed, so now players can’t hold the high-up angle in the corner.
  • In Mid, players can now silently drop down Mid platform. And the “trick-jump” onto Mid box has been removed.
  • In B Tower, the Defender side jump-up box has been removed.

Competitive updates :

Here are the changes being made to the competitive queue for Patch 6.0.

  • With the new episode comes a rank reset. After your placement matches, expect a rank slightly lower than the one you ended Episode Five with.
  • Ranked Rating gains/losses will depend slightly more on wins and losses going forward, and slightly less on the exact round differential.
  • For players whose ranks are far away from their MMR: RR gains will depend more on individual performance, instead of round differential. You should also see your rank and MMR converge faster.

All other changes :

Here is the list of other changes made in Valorant Patch 6.0 note.

  • Breeze and Bind have been removed from the competitive and unrated queue.
  • Omen’s Dark Cover ability will now fall to the height of nearby ground if placed inside a wall.
  • You can now select specific variants of your gun skins as favorites.
  • Reworked the way guns process zoom inputs for ADS and Scopes when using toggle zoom.

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