Free Fire New Age event calendar leaked, Check out what's new

Free Fire New Age event calendar leaked, Check out what's new

Fans and players of Free Fire are in for an exciting few weeks ahead, with a slew of new events on the horizon. The Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration has resulted in a slew of events, the final of which will run until December 16, 2021. Free Fire New Age event calendar leaked, Check out what’s new

In addition, leaks of New Age event calendars have recently surfaced on the internet. If the claims are correct, the events will begin on December 17, 2021, one day after the Money Heist-themed event concludes.

Free Fire New Age event calendar

A YouTuber named Gaming With Modi posted the leaked calendar for the upcoming Free Fire event in one of his recent videos. The calendar includes a number of extended events that will take place from January 9 to January 9, 2022.

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The new events are as follows:

  1. New Age – 17 December to 9 January
  2. Map & Aftermatch Drop – 17 December to 9 January
  3. Play till the Rising Day – 20 December to 26 December
  4. Friends United – 25 December to 26 December
  5. Lone Wolf Rank – 25 December to 26 December
  6. The Rising Day – 25 December
  7. New Age is Coming – 27 December to 2 January
  8. Countdown to New Age – 29 December to 4 January
  9. New Age Day Login – 1 January
  10. Magic Cube Fragment Drop – 1 January
  11. Game with Friends – 1 January
  12. New Age is Here – 1 January
  13. New Beginnings – 1 January to 5 January
  14. Play More with Friends – 3 January to 9 January


Free Fire New Age event calendar leaked, Check out what's new

Although the full set of rewards has yet to be published, the Magic Cube Fragment on January 1, 2022 is one of the items that can be plainly spotted from the leaked calendar. A bundle, bat, machete, surfboard, and possibly additional skins could also be up for grabs.

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Furthermore, the leaked calendar features a photograph of the impending Yeti pet in the New Age Day Login event. It’s possible that it’ll be available as part of the login reward.

In addition, the New Age is Here event appears to include a pistol and pan skin as a prize.

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