Fortnite Nindo challenges: How to get the free Naruto cosmetics?

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By completing the Nindo challenges for Itachi, Hinata, Gaara, and Orochimaru you can get a new set of Naruto cosmetics in Fortnite. The new Naruto collaboration has added many new cosmetic items as well as missions for you to complete Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. This game also provides many interesting crossover contents. By completing these Nindo challenges, you will be able to get new Naruto cosmetics for free. We will move on to every Nindo challenge you need to complete and the rewards you can get. Let us see about Fortnite Nindo challenges, How to get the free Naruto cosmetics.

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How to complete Fortnite x Naruto Nindo challenges

Until Thursday 7 July 2022, Nindo Challenges will be available in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. To keep track of your progress, check with your Epic Games account on the Fortnite website.

The characters of Itachi, Hinata, Gara, and Orochimaru take different paths. To unlock it you must complete activities such as fishing, score eliminations, and surviving storm circles.

Character paths and rewards

  • For the Itachi route, you must complete the top six, five times and you will get the Shotak Itachi emoticon
  • For hail, you need to survive in 24 storm circles and your prize will be a focused hail emoticon
  • For Hinta, catch 20 fish and get Byakungan Hinata emoticons as a reward
  • For Orochhimaru, get a total of 18 Eliminations and you will be rewarded with Orochimaru’s Smiley Emoticon

You will receive Akatsuki Weapon Wrap and 20,000 XP for completing any character course. To get a total of 80,000 XP and a free Manda Glider, you can complete all four routes.

The Fortnite website will track the in-game points you have earned by completing these challenges and then send the rewards directly to your Epic Games account after you check them out.

Final words

All the gaming strategies decide the gaming future. Get the good accessories in the game and play well. With all the above data described the user can know how to unlock the free naruto cosmetics with nindo challenge. Also with the help of rewards and the character path the player can find an easy path to reach the destination. All the above tips are beneficial for the players, get the features of Fortnite, and cherish the gaming. 

Gaming is an industry that encourages and welcomes all age groups of people to play and win the rewards. 

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