Fortnite Battle Royale v19.10: Check out Some upcoming Creative things in the game

Epic Games has recently released fresh game updates. Fortnite Battle Royale v19.10 is currently live in the game, with developers preparing to add more innovative features. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up next in the game.

Some upcoming Creative things that got added in 19.10

  • Green Screen toggle for the Llamatron
  • Elimination trackers for C2S2 Bosses/NPCs, Aliens & more
  • For the Eliminations Manager
  • 2 Things codenamed “Device Item Designer” & “Device Item Modifier”

Pizzas are being made nonstop now that the Pizza Pit at Tilted Towers is no longer covered in snow! Find Pizza Party boxes all over the island and toss one down for a quick feast with the crew. (In other words, throw a party.) Eat the eight surprisingly nutritious slices in these boxes of Slurpshroom Pizza to recover Health and Shield at the same time until you reach 100 Health and 50 Shield.


  • Pizza Party boxes are currently not in competitive playlists but are subject to an evaluation period.
  • In our v19.20 patch next week, we will be adjusting Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters to have 20 shots instead of 80 in competitive playlists. This lower count encourages players to make more strategic decisions about when to use the item while retaining the item’s usefulness as a powerful mobility tool.

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