DragLoons Attack Strategy on town hall 14 in Clash of Clans

By Naman Alok | Aug 18, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

This is a highly offensive attacking strategy to destroy town hall 14 in clan wars and multiplayer attacks. Players use it in multiplayer battles to level up on the trophy leaderboard and reach League of Legends. Dragons are fearsome flying units that can attack both ground and air units. Like wizards, dragon attacks have a wide range and deal splash damage. Dragon deals splash damage at close range when attacking.Dragon strategies involve taking out as many Air Defenses as possible with other units or Lightning Spells, as they are a significant threat to this powerful unit. In lower trophy ranges, you can request for Balloons and demolish your opponents because the opponents probably won’t have an Air Defense yet. Balloons are a great way to gain trophies and resources. Balloons don’t have a lot of health. However they have very high damage and ability to do splash damage, as well as a relatively low housing space of 5, making them powerful in a large group. 

The army structure of town hall 14 DragLoons attack strategy is as follows:

• 8 Dragon

• 8 Balloons

• 4 Rocket Balloons 

• 3 Freeze Spell

• 2 Rage spell

• 1 Clone Spell

• 1 Poison spell

• CC troops (1 Barbarian,1 Valkyrie, 2 Yeti + 1 Freeze spell)

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How to use DragLoons attack strategy in clash of clans

Depending on the enemy base, players will understand the army structure and attack strategy and apply it in combat engagements, but it is better to practice attack strategy in multiplayer fights before implementing it.  Here are the steps to use the Yeti strategy in the game:

• First 9’0 clock side will deploy king and queen and 6’0 clock side will create funnel with the help of 1 balloons, 1 dragon.

•  After that from the side of 6’0 Clock will deploy Balloons, Dragon, Rocket Dragon and Grand Warden aslo battle blimp.

• On entering the base of the anime, we will use 1 rage spell, warden ability, 1 rage spell as soon as battle blimp go to the center of the base and can also use freeze spell on defense.

Finally, DragLoons is a powerful attack strategy in Clash of Clans that can be used in both multiplayer and clan warfare.  Players can switch rage spells with Jump spells to take down an High damage defenses.

Note :- This attack strategy is the thinking of the writer, the player can change the troops and Spell according to his own.

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