BMOC 2022: How to Register for BMOC 2022, BGMI Esports Event, BMOC Format

As we all know BGMI, developed by Krafton Inc., has played a significant role in the growth of esports in India. Millions of fans have rushed to their mobile screens to watch their favourite teams compete in tournaments and scrims to see who will emerge victorious.

Krafton has already announced the esports strategy for the current calendar year, following the success of BGIS 2021, which saw over 600K teams register and a high viewership of 460K. According to the release, the prize pool for the four tournaments will total Rs. 6 crore.

Here are further specifics about the registration process and the competition in general, with Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge 2022 planned to be the first of four tournaments.

BMOC 2022 and Its Registration

The first tournament of the year on the Battlegrounds Mobile India esports circuit will begin soon, according to BGMI announcers, analysts, and popular YouTubers – Mazy and Ocean Sharma.

According to official reports, the BMOC registration procedure will begin on March 14 and will last until March 27.

Once the registration procedure begins, players interested in participating in the competition should go to the Battlegrounds Mobile India official website. Furthermore, unlike BGIS 2021, teams would be required to register up to six players this time (four players on the main roster and two substitutes).

Before joining, users should make sure that all six of their in-game IDs have attained level 25 and the Platinum V tier. Mazy and Ocean also stated that because BGIS had hackers in the event, Krafton will take strong measures if similar incidents occur during BMOC 2022. They also suggested that gamers provide their actual Aadhar Card as proof of identity.

BMOC 2022 Format

Open Qualifiers: Thousands of registered teams will compete against each other in classic matches during the first stage of the BGMI event.

2: From the Open Qualifiers, 512 eligible teams will advance to Round 2, which will signal the start of the event.

3: In the penultimate round, 256 eligible teams from the second round will compete for a spot in the final round.

4: A total of 64 eligible teams will compete in exciting matches over the course of several days, with only the top 24 teams progressing to BMPS Season 1.

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