BGMI Launch Party: Team Snax wins, event peaks watching of over half a million

Team Snax, with a massive lead, claimed the major part of the 6,00,000 prize pool.

Team IND, participating as Team Snax, won the first-ever Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament called BGMI Launch Party. The tournament featured few of the best content creators in the country. Team Snax, with a massive lead, claimed the major part of the 6,00,000 prize pool.

Snax and his teammates were unstoppable from the get-go of the BGMI Launch Party. They were allegedly not invited to the Launch Party in the beginning. The team showed why they were a force to be reckoned with. They got 4 chicken dinners. The BGMI Launch Party had a schedule of three matches per day. Team Snax won more than half of the maps.

BGMI Launch Party peaks 500K live viewership

The numbers of the Launch Party are nothing less than spectacular as the official streams have breached the half-a-million mark.

The numbers could be even greater as all the teams and their leaders are streaming their games on their own YouTube accounts as well. The event marks the return of the game in the country.

The game has still launched only on Android, iOS users await the game. It is being anticipated that the game will be launched in the next week.

Battlegrounds Mobile India caught the Indian gaming community has officially revealed its plans for the esports ecosystem with a teaser of BGMI Esports. The teaser doesn’t have any solid information about the Esports event, yet it is making some huge noise among the Esports enthusiasts. Many mobile gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for a chance to showcase their talent on a big stage.

Krafton posted on their official social media handles, “It’s time to make history. Squad up for the biggest battle you’ve all been waiting for. Stay tuned for more.” This definitely suggests something big is waiting for BGMI fans right around the corner.

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