Best strategy games to try in 2021

Try these strategy games if you are interested in games that energise your brain.

Best strategy games to try in 2021. (Credits: Google Play Store)

Rather than limitless action, strategy games always place a premium on your capacity to think. They necessitate meticulous planning, strategizing, and decision-making. Try these strategy games if you are interested in games that energise your brain.

Here are a few Android games you may play on your smartphone if you enjoy strategy games and wish to outwit your opponents with your wit and brains.

best strategy games for Android in 2021


Hearthstone is a popular card game in which you must think clearly before proceeding. A hero is assigned to you and will fight the battle on your behalf.

Every hero in Hearthstone has a special power that they can use in the game. In-app purchases can also be used to acquire fresh packs of cards. You can design a deck of cards to help you defeat your opponents in this fast-paced strategy game.

Battle of Polytopia – A Civilization Strategy Game

If you enjoy the Civilization series of games, you should definitely try this one out on your smartphone. The game is about tribes competing against one another to become the ultimate rulers.

There are single-player and multiplayer modes in this game. Battle of Polytopia is a very clear and user-friendly gameplay.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

The goal of Bad North is straightforward. You must defend your island from the invading Vikings who are increasing in number as time progresses. If you want to be successful in the game, you must have quick reflexes and well-thought-out strategic tactics to defeat your opponents.

ROME: Total War

This game is known for its turn-based combat that necessitate a well-thought-out strategy. You can choose from one of 19 factions to rule over others. The best part about this game is that it isn’t only about combat; it’s also about how you manage your civilization’s religious, political, and economic concerns to make it the finest.

XCOM: Enemy Within

This turn-based strategy game will entrust you with the task of destroying the aliens that are conquering the planet. You have a group of troops who will assist you in reaching your objective.

Make sure your troops are carefully placed on the map so they may attack the aliens as they approach. You can strengthen your armies and gain new skills to help you win the game.

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