Best Fortnite Settings For Play Like Pro Player

Fortnite may not seem like it's a very demanding game. It doesn't have the heavy effects or high quality textures of other games.

Best Fortnite Settings For Play Like Pro Player
By Shubham Dalal | Jan 24, 2023 | 6 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Fortnite may not seem like it’s a very demanding game. It doesn’t have the heavy effects or high quality textures of other games. However, one thing that all pro players have in common is the best Fortnite setting. The sport may not be demanding, but it has to be maintained at peak efficiency. While some players run different settings to others, running the game at its peak is vital to doing well in Battle Royale. Getting the best frames per second has a real impact on the way you play. If you need more information about Best Fortnite Settings For Play Like Pro Player then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Best Fortnite Settings For Play Like Pro Player :

Fortnite can achieve really high frame per second rates when run correctly.With 99 other players in every game, you need every advantage you can get. No matter what platform you’re playing on, you need to make sure you’re using the best Fortnite settings if you want to come out on top. It doesn’t take much effort to fine-tune your settings. Using this set up can help you run the game optimally no matter what PC you’re using.

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High-end PCs could see a huge jump in quality, and even budget gaming PCs are going to be seriously improved. If you’re playing on mobile or even console, having the best Fortnite settings can make a big difference.


PlayStation players have as much scope to improve their settings as those on PC, although they are often more neglected. Many of the changes you can make are pretty similar. Platform-specific cups are held every week during the season, so there’s a huge bonus to using the right Fortnite settings on PS4 as well as PC.

One thing to keep in mind with your Fortnite settings on PS4 is the FPS cap. A PS4 will get you 60 frames per second. It can drop in places where your connection is lagging, but 60 frames is a hard cap and it’s optimized to run the game. So you don’t really have much scope to tweak around your display or graphics settings. Instead, you need to customize your interactions and controls. Fortnite on PS4 is set up to be casual friendly,

  • 60 FPs – On. This one should be pretty self-explanatory.
  • Motion Blur – Off
  • Sprint by Default – On
  • Sprint Cancels Reloading – Off
  • Hold to Swap Pickup – Off
  • Toggle Targeting – Off
  • Reset Building Choice – On
  • Aim Assist – On. While controversial, it is silly not to take advantage of this.
  • Edit Aim Assist – Off
  • Turbo Building – On. Auto-Open Doors – Off
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons – Off
  • Builder Pro: Build Immediately – On
  • Confirm Edit on Release – On
  • Tap to Search and Interact – On
  • Hud Scale – Turn this down a bit, the HUD is huge and imposing at the moment.
  • Edit Hold Time – Have this low to edit quickly.

Using the best Fortnite settings for PS4 will give you the best frame rates and the best chance to win more matches.


The Fortnite Pro Players Settings can help you find the exact right settings and controls for you. Things are a little limited on consoles when you’re looking for inspiration. This is a top Fortnite player who uses a PS4:


RazorX is a Fortnite player with a loyal following. He uploads content and highlight reels to YouTube but is also a pro player. RazorX is a player for Chronic and has put in some good performances in Fortnite tournaments. As he is one of the top players in the game, his Fortnite settings make for some interesting reading. As one of the top pros actually using a console,His settings are going to be especially helpful for console players. This is the configuration it uses:

  • Build Mode Sensitivity – 2x
  • Edit Mode Sensitivity –2x
  • Confirm Edit on Release –
  • Aim Assist Strength – 100%.
  • Look Speed Horizontal – 84%.
  • Look Speed Vertical – 79%.
  • ADS Look Speed Horizontal – 84%.
  • ADS Look Speed Vertical – 79%
  • Turn Boost – Off for both.
  • Edit Hold Time –100.
  • Deadzone – 7%.
  • Sprint by Default –
  • Builder Pro –
  • L2 – ADS
  • L1 – Previous Weapon.
  • R2 – Fire/ Confirm.
  • R1 – Next Weapon.
  • D-Pad Up – Inventory.
  • D-Pad Left – Emote.
  • D-Pad Right – Map.
  • D-Pad Down – Emote.
  • Triangle – Pickaxe.
  • Square – Reload
  • Circle– Switch Mode.
  • Cross – Jump
  • L3 – Sprint.
  • R3 – Crouch.
  • TouchPad – Edit.
  • Options – Menu.

These are RazorX’s Fortnite settings. Most of them are pretty standard for the game. So it’s really the sensitivity here that warrants further study. He managed to react and move at the same time as PC players, as he showed in a recent match against Sway.


Most of the Fortnite Pro settings options are in the PC version of the game. While controllers have seen some adoption recently, PC is still the main platform for playing Fortnite competitively. Though like many other games, the standard settings for Fortnite try to make the game look as cool as possible, usually at the expense of performance. If you want Fortnite to run as smoothly as possible, you should use these settings:


  • Windowed Mode – Fullscreen.
  • Resolution – The native resolution of your monitor.
  • Frame Rate Limit: Unlimited or the maximum of your monitor.
  • 3D Resolution – Your monitor’s resolution.
  • View Distance – This should be set to Medium. If your PC can handle it, so much the better, but it shouldn’t affect your view of other players.
  • Shadows –off. This is unnecessary detail, the best Fortnite settings for PC have to take FPS into account.
  • Anti-Aliasing – Off
  • Textures – Low. Only turn this up if your machine can handle things in Video setting.
  • Effects – Low
  • Post Processing – Low
  • VSync –Off
  • Motion Blur – Off
  • Show FPS – It doesn’t always need to be on, but it’s helpful if you’re concerned that performance is going down sometimes.
  • Allow Multithread Rendering – Try turning it on, but if you notice that your FPS is sinking then turn it off.


  • Toggle Sprint – Off.
  • Sprint by Default – Off.
  • Sprint Cancels Reloading – Off.
  • AutoOpen Doors –
  • Hold to Swap Pickup – Off
  • Toggle Targeting – Off.
  • Mark Danger When Targeting – On.
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons – Off
  • Auto Sort Consumables to Right – On.
  • Reset Turbo Building Choice – On.
  • Confirm Edit on Release – Odd.
  • NVidia Highlights – Off.
  • Tap to Search and Interact – On.

This is a great set of video settings for fortnite. The thing to keep in mind with this is that you aim to make the game run smoothly but look mediocre. These settings will make your game a bit ugly. However, it helps you get the best frame rates, no matter how powerful your PC.If you’re streaming Fortnite and need graphical fidelity, you’ll need to increase the power on textures and effects. However, if you’re just interested in getting a great performance, these are the best Fortnite settings for you. Most of the best Fortnite players who compete in tournaments like the Mongraal Cup use settings that prioritize performance over FP and visuals.

The gameplay settings should help smoothen out the experience on mouse and keyboard as well. With a lot of Fortnite pros switching to a controller, you can’t even use that control scheme on PC. If so, you’ll have a few different options for sensitivity and keybinds.For the most part, sensitivities are down to personal preference. However, there are some rules of thumb to keep in mind. lower is better. On mouse, it’s better to have your ADS really low and use a lot of mouse space. On a controller, it should be higher as mouse location is not possible, but still keep it lower than normal.


A lot of Fortnite fans like to look at pro players’ settings to get an idea of ​​which ones to use. These are some of the best Fortnite players and their in-game settings. Looking through them can give you a good idea of ​​which Fortnite settings are with the highest performance usage.

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