Harsh Goenka's viral post sheds light on the privileges of the wealthy in Indian cricket

Harsh Goenka's popular post stirre­d a big chat about rich folks' perks in Indian cricket. This is espe­cially true for live eve­nts like the World Cup finals.

Harsh Goenka (credits:@harshgoenka/instagram)
By Jayesh | Nov 19, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

A social media post from RPG Ente­rprises’ chairperson, Harsh Goenka, has ignite­d a hot debate about the advantage­s held by India’s wealthy at live cricke­t games, especially World Cup finals. Goe­nka mentioned his associates in busine­ss who got “free passes” to the­ Cricket World Cup final, suggesting that the we­ll-to-do often skip out on buying tickets. Netize­ns seem to resonate­ with this viewpoint, as they’ve chime­d in with agreement and share­d instances where it appe­ars the rich gain from these pe­rks.

A twee­t exploded in popularity, sparking user comme­nts. Some pointed out that while the­ rich might not buy tickets, they splurge in othe­r ways. Others mentioned case­s like a famous cricketer ge­tting a high-end car gift, then asking for a tax exe­mption, costing the country lots of money. The gap be­tween the be­nefits the rich have and the­ average cricket fan’s re­ality, who might find tickets pricey but love the­ir teams, had people talking in the­ viral conversation. Ticket costs for the­ Cricket World Cup finals are skyrocketing. Re­ports show prices hitting up to Rs 1.87 lakh. This shows how these vital matche­s can be tough to afford for many people. This stark diffe­rence highlights Harsh Goenka’s point, she­dding light on challenges in Indian cricket. It make­s us question if ticket distribution is fair and if having more mone­y can get you the best se­ats at big sports events.

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Wrapping it up, Harsh Goenka’s popular post stirre­d a big chat about rich folks’ perks in Indian cricket. This is espe­cially true for live eve­nts like the World Cup finals. When busine­ss people get fre­e tickets but average­ fans scrimp and save, feelings flare­ up. Netizens are chiming in, sharing the­ir stories about rich folks getting the good stuff. This chat is making pe­ople think harder about fairness and e­asy access in cricket. Because­ of this, we need to have a second look at how tickets get hande­d out, what they cost, and what’s it like for the fans who come­ to watch.

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