USA vs Canada: FIBA World Cup 2023 Live Stream, Schedule, Fixture, Probable Lineups

The world of international basketball has been a stage of highs and lows with teams like the USA and Canada experiencing

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The world of international basketball has been a stage of highs and lows with teams like the USA and Canada experiencing contrasting fortunes in the current competition. These two formidable teams have embarked on distinct journeys to reach this pivotal moment and the basketball world eagerly awaits the outcome of this monumental showdown.

USA Review

Once considered a basketball powerhouse, the USA team has left its fans disheartened in recent times. While their potential for dominance remains evident, they seem to have faltered in execution. The squad’s attitude and composition have become critical talking points.

The most glaring disappointment came in a recent match against Germany where they suffered a staggering 113-11 defeat. The USA’s defense was notably lackluster allowing their opponents to run rampant. In the midst of this struggle, Anthony Edwards emerged as a bright spot even though his statistical performance particularly his three-point shooting, left room for improvement.

Coach Steve Kerr’s reliance on sharpshooters failed to yield the desired results highlighting the team’s defensive vulnerabilities. The USA’s inability to harness their potential continues to baffle fans and experts alike raising questions about the team’s future strategies and player selections.

Canada Review

Canada on the other hand has been on a journey of improvement in international basketball. While they have made significant progress over the past decade. They narrowly missed out on the coveted gold medal. A notable setback occurred in their match against Serbia which ended in an 86-95 defeat.

One of the contributing factors to Canada’s misstep was the absence of experienced players in their lineup. While youth can be promising in crucial moments it often falls short of the wisdom and composure that seasoned players bring. Shay Gilgeous-Alexander despite being a talented player faced challenges in leading the team during critical moments raising doubts about his MVP candidacy.

Jordi Fernandez’s team found themselves playing catch-up soon after the match began. Highlighting the importance of a strong start in high-stakes games. Despite their admirable progress, Canada’s quest for the gold medal remains unfulfilled leaving them with valuable lessons to learn for the future.

USA vs Canada: Predicted Lineup

USA: Jalen Brunson, Anthony Edwards, Brandom Ingram, Mikal Bridges, Jaren Jackson Jr.

Canada: Dwight Powell, Kelly Olynyk, Zach Edey, Dillon Brooks, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

USA vs Canada: Where And When To Watch?

USA vs Canada 2023 FIBA World Cup 2023 will be held on September 10, 5:40 a.m. ET. The audience can livestream the match on the YouTube channel. There, you may watch the entire live event. Also, you can watch it live by logging in to ESPN, FUBO, and Courtside 1891.

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