WWE news: Former WWE wrestler recalls John Cena getting hammered and stripping at a bowling alley

In a previous episode of The Ryback Show, the former WWE star related a humorous incident involving John Cena.

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Since his departure from WWE in 2016, Ryback has frequently lambasted the organization and its former CEO Vince McMahon. The former IC champion never misses a chance to criticize WWE. The Big Guy bemoans the lack of significant support despite having proven himself against prominent athletes like John Cena. He did, however, experience his share of enjoyable times while working for the largest wrestling business in the world.

In a previous episode of The Ryback Show, the former WWE star related a humorous incident involving John Cena. Ryback discussed a bowling match he played with Cena, Santino Marella, and R-Truth. The former WWE star talked about going bowling with his fellow stars when appearing on his show. After a stressful day, Ryback and R-Truth, according to Ryback, decided to team up against John Cena and Santino Marella for some lighthearted fun. However, the fact that the loser had to take shots after each round of bowling made the competition more exciting.

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Ryback says John Cena just went out of control

By the end of the day, Ryback acknowledged he was too inebriated, but John Cena ended up losing control. Later that evening, the Cenation was observed acting foolishly, including stripping, in an alley. Ryback recalled the amusing episode and said Cena, who was known for binge drinking, was looking like a disaster. He said: “He[John Cena] was like stripping at the bowling alley and he was doing some really dumb sh*t. And I was f*ked up and I was like, ‘oh man, this guy’s out of control.’”

Ryback expressed pride in himself when recounting the entire story since he wasn’t as awful as Cena on that particular day. The two have also put each other to the test in the ring, so it’s not only at the bar. Both superstars have already squared off in the ring. However, the 2013 Extreme Rules saw the two’s finest match to date. In a Last Man Standing competition, John Cena faced off against Ryback to defend the WWE Championship.

Both celebrities gave their all and performed fantastic performances. However, because both players were deemed unfit to continue after going through the stage wall, the match was called a tie. As a result, John Cena, who was the current champion, kept his title. Ryback, however, quit WWE in 2016 because he was dissatisfied with both his pay grade and the company’s creative direction. Since then, the former IC champion and WWE haven’t gotten along. Let’s see if his connection with the corporation improves or not now that the administration has changed.