WWE Extreme Rules 2022: Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle Preview, Win/Loss Record, Prediction

Seth Rollins will take on Matt Riddle at WWE Extreme Rules with former UFC Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier serving as the special guest referee.

Seth Rollins will take on Matt Riddle at WWE Extreme Rules. (Image credits:
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WWE Extreme Rules 2022 will take place over the weekend and the match that is most looked forward to is the Fight Pit match between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle. What makes this match even more interesting is that former UFC Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier will be the special guest referee.

Rollins and Riddle are two of the same kind. Both wrestlers are physical specimens and are great in the ring. While Rollins is a multi time WWE champion, Riddle on the other hand is a seasoned MMA fighter having had stints in the UFC and Bellator.

For Seth Rollins, this year has been a strange one. Even though he lost most of his high profile matches, especially the trilogy against the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, Rollins has held his own. Especially with the way he has developed his character and keeping himself relevant despite not having a title to show for. That takes some doing and is worthy of praise.

Matt Riddle on the other hand has had a memorable year too. His tag team partnership with the Viper Randy Orton, which was named as RK-Bro consisted of a lot of great moments, both in and out of the ring. The duo also became the RAW tag team champions, not once but twice and had great matches with the likes of The Usos, The Alpha Academy and The Street Profits.

Both men had a heated to and fro where Seth brought up Riddle’s past and his divorce which made the latter flip. That angle showed that both men really did not like each other and would do anything to get one over the other. A match at Clash at the Castle ensued and after a grueling match that went on for over 17 minutes, Rollins picked up the win after he delivered a stomp from the middle rope.

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Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle: Wrestler Profiles

Seth RollinsMatt Riddle
Height6 ft 1 inches (185 cm)6 ft 2 inches (1.88 cm)
Weight217 lb (98 kg)216 lb (98 kg)
NicknamesThe Architect, The Beastslayer, The Kingslayer, The Monday Night Messiah, The VisionaryKing of Bros, The Original Bro
Signature moves180° Corkscrew Enzuigiri, Corkscrew 450° Splash, Inverted Huracánrana, Reverse STO, Running Big Boot, Running Forearm, Running Shooting Star Press, Shiranui, Single Leg Dropkick, Turnbuckle PowerbombDiving Knee Drop, Fisherman Suplex, Flipping Piledriver, Go 2 Sleep, Jujigatame, Scoop Powerslam, Senton
FinishersDouble Underhook Facebuster, Running Curb Stomp, Small Package Brainbuster, Spinning Lifting Reverse DDT, SuperkickModified Cobra Twist, RKO
AchievementsNXT Champion, RAW Tag Team Champion, WWE World Champion, United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Universal Champion, NXT Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, RAW Tag Team Champion
Tournament winsWWE Gold Rush Tournament 2012, WWE Royal Rumble (2019)NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic (2020)

Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle: Win Loss Record in WWE

Seth Rollins138769466924
Matt Riddle333246834

Going by the above mentioned record on face value would mean that Matt Riddle has the upper hand but Seth Rollins for his part has been involved in matches at the very top. Rollins has fought and defeated wrestlers like Roman Reigns, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Randy Orton etc. Riddle on the other hand is a trained fighter and going by what he has achieved in his relatively short WWE career, the statistics make for good reading.

Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle: WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Prediction

Both Rollins and Riddle are coming off of a great match at WWE Clash at the Castle where Seth recorded a win after an intense match. Then there is als the fact that Riddle cost Rollins the chance to become the United States champion when he interfered on the September 19th edition of Monday Night RAW in a match against the current champion, Bobby Lashley.

Another important thing to note is that Riddle is at odds with the Judgment Day and with Rollins recently aligning with Dominik Mysterio, do not rule out any outside interference and shenanigans. Although having Daniel Cormier as the special guest referee will neutralize any outside involvement and should benefit Riddle. Ultimately, taking everything into account, Seth Rollins will walk out as the winner at WWE Extreme Rules 2022.

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