Why Triple H was 'gifted' the World Heavyweight Championship belt 

WWE legend opens up sending Triple H the World Heavy Championship belt along with a heartfelt message.

Triple H in the ring (Courtesy: WWE.Com)
By Samrat Chakraborty | Jan 27, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

WWE legend Ric Flair made his legacy even more fonder by recalling his heartfelt gesture for Triple H. Flair gifted the Hunter his original World Heavyweight Championship belt along with a letter after Vince McMahon allowed him to keep it. The legend won the WWE Championship 16-time which is a joint-record with superstar John Cena. It was majorly a gesture that propelled after McMahon’s appreciation for him. “It was phenomenal [World Heavyweight Championship reigns], phenomenal until the end,” Flair said at the Wooooo Nation UNCENSORED podcast. 

“That belt right there I gifted to Hunter with a note, because Vince let me keep it, saying, ‘Wish I could have dropped this to you in 1986,” he added. 

The coveted NWA/WCW World Heavyweight Championships were a part of Flair’s legacy. The World Championship belt was introduced by WWE in 2014 while the Big Gold Belt was finally retired. 
After Flair’s son, Reid, passed away, he had buried him with a Hall of Famer ring. The Hunter had later gifted him a special ring with Reid’s name. 

“At NXT one time, Hunter said, ‘I need to talk to you,’ and I maybe thought I had done something wrong. And he called me into his office, and he had a duplicate ring with Reid’s name engraved on it. That’s someone who cares,” Flair said in an interview with Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman. 

WWE saw the rise of some big names in the mid 2000s with John Cena and Triple H being an integral part of the main roster. The WWE stalwarts were also in the race to become the leading man for the company in that period of time. 

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Triple H is now serving as the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development of WWE. He had played a key role in the transformation of NXT as the third brand for the company’s roster.

The vision was set in 2013 and since then he has worked closely with plenty of stars to build-up their career ahead of the releases. It also turned out to be a win-win situation for Triple H as many knowledgeable minds came out in support of him.

Triple H had formed a unit for the NXT which was supposed to be brought into the main roster after Vince McMahon made his way away from the brand. It should also be noted that William Regal, Gabe Sapolsky, and Road Dogg were core members of Triple H’s team. But their release has naturally impacted his morale in the locker room.