The Undertaker whispers to Bray Wyatt after teaching LA Knight a lesson

The delivery of Sister Abigail by Bray Wyatt on LA Knight was a metaphor for The Undertaker handing Bray Wyatt his legacy.

The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt in a file photo [[email protected]]
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A special “Raw is XXX” program was broadcast by WWE to commemorate Raw’s 30th anniversary. The mega-episode included two title fights, two title defenses, and lots of controversies which included Bray Wyatt whispering something in Bray Wyatt’s ear. At the Bloodline Tribal Court, Sami Zayn was found not guilty.

Paul Heyman accused Zayn of being a traitor and of working with Kevin Owens to overthrow Roman Reigns at the dramatic Tribal Court. In the end, the Tribal Chief returned a “not guilty” decision. The Usos competed in a title battle against Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio of The Judgement Day to defend their undisputed WWE tag team titles.

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Twitter had many guesses about what The Undertaker said to Bray Wyatt

When LA Knight first appeared to hype his match with Bray Wyatt, the event got underway. But before he could speak The American Badass theme hit, and The Undertaker’s music cut him off. Knight tried to go, but Wyatt stood in his way, a lamp in his hand, his music starting.

When Knight turned around and returned to the ring, Taker grabbed him by the throat. Until Taker threw Knight to him so he could strike Sister Abigail, Wyatt stared The Deadman down. Before departing, he said something in a whisper to Wyatt.

Many Twitter users had many thinking about what The Undertaker could have said. A user tweeted, “Undertaker passing the torch to Bray Wyatt. Holy shit that was cool #RAWXXX”. Many tweets like these were tweeted. So, here are some of the top tweets which showed many angles on what The Undertaker really would have whispered to Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt vs LA Knight at WWE Royal Rumble

The intense rivalry between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight will continue to be fueled by the enigmatic Uncle Howdy at Royal Rumble when the two wrestlers square off in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match. Wyatt and Knight have been at odds ever since they first met backstage at SmackDown, and their disagreement has intensified. That conflict’s precise nature, though, has been a subject of ongoing conjecture.

When Knight has been abducted, harassed, or attacked behind the scenes, Wyatt has argued that he is not to blame. Wyatt also asserts that he is always at odds with himself in an effort to keep his dark history from consuming him. While both opponents were in the ring together, the menacing Uncle Howdy abruptly emerged before the WWE Universe. But rather than providing answers, this raised additional concerns because it wasn’t apparent if Wyatt had been righted by the unexpected change of events.

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