The top 10 best features of WWE 2K22

These are perhaps the game's biggest features since WWE 2K22 offers wrestling fans an experience that is far greater than that of its predecessor.

Triple H, The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the game WWE 2K22 [Image-Twitter]
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Finally available is the eagerly anticipated WWE 2K22. Following the catastrophic WWE 2K20, wrestling gamers have been impatiently awaiting a new title for more than two years. A breath of fresh air has come with the most recent WWE 2K game. With the introduction of new gameplay and features, the game has become increasingly difficult to put down.

Overall, WWE 2K22 offers a thrilling wrestling experience that may lead to endlessly entertaining gaming. Fans of wrestling video games may now rejoice over a game for a variety of reasons after being forced to play the buggy WWE 2K20 or the completely obsolete WWE 2K19.

10. You can play it

Normally, a video game wouldn’t get praise for just being playable, but after WWE 2K20, WWE 2K22 deserves a standing ovation. There was a good chance that WWE 2K20 would crash and force you to quit the game no matter what game mode or style of match you were playing. WWE 2K20 is one of the worst WWE games ever, among many other problems. WWE 2K22 is inherently superior to its predecessor just by being playable.

9. Lots and Lots of New players and Characters

There haven’t been any new WWE 2K games for more than two years, thus many superstars have been waiting to make their debut in a WWE game. Over 25 wrestlers are making their debut appearance in a WWE game, not including superstars who will subsequently be available as downloadable content. There are 63 new playable characters when DLC and superstars that have previously appeared in the series are included.

8. The Entrances of WWE superstars is just EPIC!!

WWE 2K22 has improved the way wrestlers enter the ring. Entrances were remarkably similar to what you would see on television in earlier games. The entrances of the superstars are seen from a different angle in 2K22. It almost feels as if you are the camera person and you are standing next to the wrestler as they make their entrance when they enter the ring. This fresh viewpoint enhances the presentation as a whole and aids in putting you in battle-ready condition.

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7. It Hits Different

This game “hits different,” as it states in the WWE 2K22 slogan. You can tell WWE 2K22 will be different from prior games in the series as soon as you throw your first strike or try your first grapple. There was a focus on having the game seem like WWE matches on television in earlier 2K-produced WWE games. Making the game seem like you are in a battle is given greater importance in WWE 2K22. In contrast to watching WWE on television, this game is intended to feel more like a fighting game thanks to the new combo system and new camera angles.

6. More Manuevers to see

More moves can be performed by wrestlers in this game than in any other 2K game thanks to the new controller settings. For striking and grappling in earlier games, there were two separate buttons. In 2K22, grappling is an option in addition to quick and powerful strike buttons. Depending on which way the left thumb-stick is pointed, there are four different move options associated with each button. There are also entirely unique moves that can be performed based on combos, submissions, signature moves, and finishing moves. Overall, the options available to each wrestler to harm their opponents are greater.

5. Play as Rey Mysterio

This game is ideal for you if you’re a Rey Mysterio fan. The lucha libre legend is available in nine distinct ways in WWE 2K22. This year’s Showcase mode focuses on Mysterio as well. You take on the role of Mysterio in some of his most illustrious matches in this mode. Superstars like Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Kane, Batista, The Undertaker, and Dolph Ziggler are among those you will face as Mysterio. You can unlock arenas, wrestlers, various outfits, and championship belts in this mode that are all connected to Mysterio’s illustrious career.

4. New Arenas & ThunderDome

While there are many things that can be said negatively about WWE during the COVID pandemic, the promotion did succeed in building some cool-looking arenas. You may play in the ThunderDome, which was the venue that WWE utilized when spectators weren’t permitted to attend, in WWE 2K22. Even videos of real individuals viewing what is occurring in the ring are available on the ThunderDome website. In addition to the ThunderDome, the game has a number of new arenas, such as WrestleMania from just last year.

3. Become the General Manager you wish to be

After more than 12 years, gamers who enjoy playing WWE games can once more assume the role of general manager. The option to play General Manager mode was present in SmackDown vs. RAW in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Players would take on the role of the general manager of a WWE brand in this game mode. This entails selecting a roster, setting up matches, and looking after the superstars’ happiness and health. The ultimate objective was to have a show that received more viewers than your rivals’ programs. Under the new name MyGM, this mode has returned in NBA 2K22. While MyGM does not offer as many options as the earlier iterations, the game mode is still present and can hopefully be improved in the future.

2. My Rise – New Career Mode

MyRise is the game’s fresh take on a career mode in WWE 2K22. The goal of this mode is for players to get to the top of the WWE by creating their own superstar and completing a number of stories. There are several gaming possibilities available on MyRise. They have the option to play as a male or female superstar. If your wrestler is a babyface (nice man) or a heel, the stories can take a number of ways (bad guy). MyRise even offers a wide range of secret unlockables, such as various in-game iterations of wrestlers and exclusive arenas that have never shown on WWE television.

1. DLC to come

WWE 2K22 offers 67 characters for download. Despite the fact that it is sad that these characters are not included in the game from the start, this is among the most DLC ever included in a WWE game. The DLC this year features a fantastic mix of legends, fresh superstars, and famous people. WWE 2K22 will have Mr.T, Machine Gun Kelly, and Logan Paul among its celebrity cast. New 2K series legends including Yokozuna, Umaga, Doink the Clown, and The Boogeyman will be included in the DLC. Wrestlers like LA Knight, Doudrop, Ilja Dragunov, Xia Li, MSK, and Rick Boogs will all make their video game debuts as DLC when it comes to new superstars.

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