Ric Flair reveals that he has problems with Jay Lethal

To keep himself fit and ready for in-ring action, Flair has been training with AEW star Jay Lethal.

Ric Flair in a file photo [Image- Twitter@RicFlairNatrBoy]
By Sujay Gaurav | Jun 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

WWE legend and Hall of Famer Ric Flair is all set to return to the ring for one last on July 31st for one last match. To keep himself fit and ready for in-ring action, Flair has been training with AEW star Jay Lethal. But according to Flair himself, all is not well between the two men. He disclosed the details on his To Be The Man podcast about the situation.

Addressing the situation, Flair said, “Jay Lethal has got an attitude, he wants to be part of the show and I said that ain’t gonna happen. That happens and all of a sudden, everyone’s feelings are hurt. I don’t have the authority. Or even though I guess I’m the owner of this adventure, I don’t have the authority to put him on the card, so I think he’s upset about that, but he’ll get over it. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. That’s kind of where we’re at in this deal.”

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I will destroy Ric Flair – Scott Steiner

Looks like all is not well between Ric Flair and Scott Steiner. Recently, rumours started swirling around that Ric Flair was planning to make an in-ring comeback at the age of 73. While that seems to be a ridiculous thing to do at such an age, there are strong rumours that Flair will indeed make a comeback. One person who is not so thrilled about is Scott Steiner. During a live signing with Highspots Superstore which featured WWE Hall of Famers The Steiner Brothers, Rick and Scott, things got heated when someone asked Scott about Ric Flair.

Scott exploded and said, “Ric Flair ain’t no friend of mine. I would kill him. I would destroy him. Yeah, everybody wants to see him get beat up.” He said this in reference to Flair’s upcoming retirement match and was brought up with a suggestion for Scott to be his opponent. There were rumours that the opponent would either be Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat or Hulk Hogan but those reports turned out to be false.