Possible WWE spoiler about Uncle Howdy's identity

After introducing himself as "the ghost of the man who sold the world," Uncle Howdy burst out laughing in Wyatt's voice.

Uncle Howdy in WWE introduced [Image-Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Oct 30, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


With Bray Wyatt’s return to WWe, a new stable is beginning to take shape, and talk about who will join him is rampant. In the ring, Wyatt gave a promo at the end of Friday’s SmackDown broadcast in which he promised to confront his issues. Although he said in the trailer that this is the greatest and most authentic version of himself, there is still a part of him that enjoys the fact that he isn’t scared to commit atrocious acts. “Uncle Howdy” introduced himself as a mystery man who said Wyatt can never hide from him on the big screen.

Fans have been wondering about the identity of this individual, and Howdy’s left earring on his ear offered a possible hint. Interestingly, Bo Dallas had the identical style of earring on WWE television before to leaving. Dallas is said to be returning to the company shortly, according to Bryan Alvarez, and while this isn’t verified, it makes sense for Dallas to be a part of the team his brother is in charge of.

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Two names WWE is considering for Bray Wyatt’s faction

With Bray Wyatt’s return, a new stable is beginning to take shape, and there are numerous whispers regarding who will join him.

Two names were under consideration for the organization, according to a brief note by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Dutch & Vincent’s names have been mentioned for Wyatt characters, the author said.

Other names have been suggested, but the most of them have been refuted. Bo Dallas has not received any news since Bryan Alvarez’s assertion that he will soon be returning to the organization. Dallas joining the organization would make sense, but nothing about it has been verified.

Because Wyatt’s plot plans have not been fully developed, Meltzer recently remarked on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast that the faction’s intentions may yet alter.

Meltzer said, “I’ve certainly heard names for a faction but then I heard other people say those aren’t the names. And someone even told me it’s not even all worked out exactly how it’s all gonna go down. I think it’s a faction. As far as who’s playing what, I don’t know. It’s being kept like that for a reason. I think they are trying to keep it secretive…”