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Vince McMahon transformed the sport, displaying the brash ambition and innate promotional ability that would become his trademark.

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Vince McMahon, in full Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Jr., (born August 24, 1945, Pinehurst, North Carolina, U.S.), American professional wrestling impresario who used showmanship and tireless promotion to make wrestling, formerly a niche entertainment, into a vastly lucrative industry.

McMahon was himself the son of a wrestling promoter, and in the 1970s he began working as a ringside announcer for his father’s business, Capitol Wrestling Corporation (later known as the World Wrestling Federation [WWF; 1979–2002] and World Wrestling Entertainment [WWE; 2002– present]).

In 1982 he bought the company. McMahon transformed the sport, displaying the brash ambition and innate promotional ability that would become his trademark. He created a unique blend of sports and entertainment, incorporating rock music, celebrities, and outrageously scripted matches, and in the process he molded wrestlers into child-friendly stars.

Outside the ring he lured performers away from rival companies and broke the long-standing regionalism of wrestling organizations as he took his eastern-based business national. Although McMahon made many enemies, his bold changes revolutionized the sport and moved it into the mainstream. WWF cable shows and live events were hits, and by the mid-1980s the company was the leading wrestling group.

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NameVincent Kennedy McMahon
D.O.B & Age24 August, 1945 & 76 years
OccupationEntrepreneur, Professional Wrestler, Businessman, Wrestling promoter
Professional Debut1969 (as a commentator)
WifeLinda Edwards
Professional NameVince McMahon


On February 21, 1980, McMahon officially founded Titan Sports and the company’s headquarters were established in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, using the now-defunct Cape Cod Coliseum as a home base for the company. McMahon then became chairman of the company and his wife, Linda, became the “co-chief executive”. When he purchased the WWF, professional wrestling was a business run by regional promotions. Various promoters understood that they would not invade each other’s territories, as this practice had gone on undeterred for decades; McMahon had a different vision of what the industry could become. 


ECW World Championship (1 time)

WWF Championship (1 time)

Royal Rumble (1999)


Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania mystery2014
The Flinstones2015
Scoody-Doo! WWE universe2016
Surf’s up 22017
The Jetsons and WWE2017


Vince McMahon’s wife Linda (real name: Linda Marie Edwards) was born on October 4, 1948 in New Bern, North Carolina. Linda was the only daughter of her parents, who worked at a Marine Corps base.


As of 2022, McMahon’s net worth is listed at $2.3 billion. The figures seem even more impressive when you consider the fact that Vince has invested $500 million to resurrect the XFL. 

Did Vince McMahon buy WWE?

Vince McMahon Bought WWE For $500,000

Does Vince McMahon still own John Cena’s name?

As per Metro, in a re-surfaced video of Cena’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the wrestler confirmed that the WWE boss Vince McMahon has the right to own his name and gets a cut for the same from all his movies. “’Absolutely,’ the former world champion said, insisting he has no problem with the arrangement.

Which wrestler is a billionaire?

John Cena is an American professional wrestler who has a net worth of $60 million.

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