Not Only Roman Reigns, Bully Ray Gives Bold Statement On Paul Heyman And Cody Rhodes RAW Segment

Bully Ray, aka Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE, recently took on Paul Heyman's emotional segment with Cody Rhodes on RAW.

Bully Ray, aka Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE, recently took on Paul Heyman's emotional segment with Cody Rhodes on RAW. (Image credits: Twitter)
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Bully Ray, aka Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE, recently took on Paul Heyman’s emotional segment with Cody Rhodes on RAW. The ad in the ring showcases the stories of the two men’s relationship with Rhodes’ late father, Dusty. At one point, Heyman broke down in tears as he recalled the time he helped restore the trust of the American Dream. Bully Ray made a name for himself in the wrestling world in the 1990s during Heyman’s ECW promotion. On the Busted Open, the WWE legend said Monday’s ad was one of the best things special counsel Roman Reigns has ever done.

“Of all the things I’ve seen Paul Heyman do, whether it was with the Dangerous Alliance at the time, whether it was ECW, whether it was him and Brock [Lesnar], he and [CM] ] Punk, him and Roman, that’s my favorite job that I saw Paul Heyman do last night,” Bully Ray said. Cody Rhodes won the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match last month for a chance to win the undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39.

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The former AEW Executive Vice President will face Roman Reigns on April 1 or 2. However, his opponent could change if Sami Zayn dethrones The Tribal Chief at the Elimination Chamber on February 18. Earlier this week, the WWE Hall of Famer said he wanted the plot of WrestleMania 39 to revolve around Cody Rhodes instead of Dusty. Bully Ray still stands by her comments after watching Heyman’s interaction with The American Nightmare on RAW:

“Just because I think they rely too much on Dusty or anything else doesn’t mean I don’t like the story. When I say they lean too much on other things, that’s an artist’s concern when they’re in the story. I put others first, as Heyman even said in his commercial last night.” Former WWE writer Vince Russo also enjoys verbal communication, but he thinks Sami Zayn’s issues with Roman Reigns now seem like an afterthought. 

Bully Ray, also known in WWE as Bubba Ray Dudley, is fixated on Roman Reigns losing the World Title to two opponents. Reigns currently hold his Championship at Universal and his WWE Championship. He will defend both titles against Sami Zain at his February 18 elimination chamber. Cody’s title with Rose at WrestleMania 39 on April 1 or 2 would also be in jeopardy if his chief wins the match. There was much speculation that his WWE decision-makers might soon separate the World Championship again, but Bully Ray said on his radio show Busted Open to dethrone Reigns. He said only one would be chosen.

“Look what we have now. Look how great this is. We haven’t seen one in WWE or professional wrestling in a long time… Two stories like that are very real, and it gets to the point that people are still 50/50, especially the assembled fans.”

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