WWE SmackDown results: Cody Rhodes-Sami Zayn clean up the Bloodline

The path to WrestleMania is only built for so many, and everyone was battling for their chance on Friday Night SmackDown on March 10.

Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes in a file photo [Image-Twitter@WWE]
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The Bloodline has been engaged in a conflict on two fronts, but they now have to face Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn’s combined might. During WWE SmackDown, two of the company’s most well-liked characters engaged The Usos in combat.

At WrestleMania 39, Rhodes will face Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE world championship. In a back-and-forth fight with Zayn, Reigns narrowly prevailed and successfully defended his belts at Elimination Chamber in Montreal, Quebec. On Friday night, the two challengers banded together to attack The Usos.

On Friday, the WWE Hall of Fame’s inaugural class of 2023 inductees was also revealed. WWE made the unusual choice to induct a talent who is currently on the stage. The night before WrestleMania 39, legendary mask-wearing luchador Rey Mysterio will be formally inducted.

WWE SmackDown match-card

  • IC Title No. 1 Contender: Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus vs Karrion Kross vs LA Knight vs Xavier Woods
  • Legado del Fantasma vs Judgment Day
  • The Viking Raiders (w/ Valhalla) vs Braun Strowman and Ricochet
  • Charlotte Flair vs Shotzi

IC Title No. 1 Contender: Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus vs Karrion Kross vs LA Knight vs Xavier Woods

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre took over the action when LA Knight and Karrios Kross turned on one other. Xavier Woods was kicked by the Celtic Warrior Brogue, while Knight was claymored by the Scottish Warrior. They both got the three count at the same moment.

This was all a SmackDown opener could have dreamed for. The action was quick and exciting, attracting a large crowd. It would have been good to see more from Woods, but he was never going to win.

The action did slow down at the end to allow for the planned conclusion, but WWE wanted to establish both The Celtic Warrior and The Scottish Warrior as rivals to Gunther.

Winner: Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

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Legado del Fantasma vs Judgment Day

A video package highlighting Rey Mysterio’s career was aired, and The Master of the 619 stepped out to celebrate with the crowd. Nevertheless, Dominik Mysterio and Judgment Day intervened. Legado del Fantasma levelled the playing field.

Santos Escobar challenged The Judgment Day to begin their six-man tag team battle as soon as possible. Damian Priest landed a superkick on Cruz Del Toro, allowing The Ex-Con to pin him and win.

This match’s talent significantly outweighed the action. The hurried match developed quickly into a succession of spots that led to the end. More coherent wrestling would have been wonderful.

Winner: Judgment Day

The Viking Raiders (w/ Valhalla) vs Braun Strowman and Ricochet

The Viking Raiders followed their game plan flawlessly, isolating Ricochet. Erik was saved by Valhalla from a charging Braun Strowman, who crashed into the chairs at ringside. Ivar brought The One and Only to a close with a diving splash.

Ricochet is one of WWE’s finest underappreciated performers, and he carried this action in what felt like a two-on-one handicap battle at times. Even though he was being thrashed, he kept the action going.

It was good to see The Viking Raiders win for a change. Erik and Ivar’s presentation has much improved in recent months, yet they still lack credibility. WWE should not squander this opportunity by handing Ricochet and Strowman the victory back.

Winner: The Viking Raiders

Charlotte Flair vs Shotzi

Rhea Ripley kept a close watch on the action while Charlotte Flair tried to stay focused. Shotzi was ultimately caught with a Spear by the Queen, who then locked in the Figure-Eight to compel a submission. On WWE SmackDown live Ripley told Charlotte after the contest that she could see all of her anxieties. The Queen refused to accept any flaws.

This squash match lasted much too long. Shotzi never seemed to make an impression on Charlotte. The Queen may have a terrific match with some stars, but she had little chemistry with Shotzi, who pulled her strikes too short throughout the match.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

The Bloodline meets the wrath of Cody Rhodes on WWE SmackDown

Jey Uso stated that he didn’t want to do what he did, but his brother is Jimmy Uso. He would go to any length for his brother. Jimmy’s gaze was drawn to Cody Rhodes, who had come in a suit.

The American Nightmare removed his jacket and prepared to battle. When Cody and Jey brawled into the crowd, Sami Zayn arrived from behind to attack Jimmy. Finally, Zayn and Rhodes took the ring and stood tall together.

The Bloodline portions have a more powerful vibe than anything else in WWE. This, however, was more of a filler section than a truly memorable event. When Kevin Owens refuses to battle The Honorary HAB, The American Nightmare is more than happy to assist him.

In the end, Rhodes will be unable to assist Zayn while focusing on Reigns after The Tribal Chief returns, so it will be up to both The Honorary HAB and The American Nightmare to continue persuading The Prizefighter to join this fight. That’s a solid TV lineup for next week.

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