The Undertaker believes Kobe Bryant was 'never satisfied' which made him one of the greats

One of the greatest sports performers the world has ever seen comes to mind when you think about Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker.

Kobe Bryant (l) and The Undertaker (r) in a file photo
By Blesson Daniel | Mar 22, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Undertaker’s storied career was covered in WWE’s “The Last Ride” documentary, which looked at the highs and lows of the last few years as he faced the prospect of retiring after a three-decade run. Throughout the evening, “The Deadman” is shown working out harder in preparation for matches, with a viral video circulating in which Undertaker throws something into the garbage and says, “Kobe.”

Speaking about the late NBA great Kobe Bryant, who died tragically in 2020, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed that moment during an interview with “98.5 The Bet Las Vegas,” explaining why he was inspired by the basketball hero.

“I just always loved his mindset man,” Undertaker said. “He was a grinder and I always tell people ‘never be content, never be satisfied,’ and he was never satisfied with anything that he did. I just loved it, what he expected from his teammates and what he poured into the Lakers. He was just what I embody a professional athlete to be. He was just a dog man, I appreciate that in people. People that won’t accept defeat and when you do get a setback, to grow from it and come back strong and I always felt that from him.” H/T to WrestlingInc

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Before The Undertaker, he was Mark Calaway the basketball player

One of the greatest sports performers the world has ever seen comes to mind when you think about Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker. He has established a legacy that will endure forever and is regarded as being associated with the sport of professional wrestling. Since his debut in 1987, professional wrestling has been his entire existence. His biggest success came while he was working for WWE. Vince McMahon’s development of The Undertaker gimmick, which debuted in 1990, is undoubtedly his most memorable creation.

The Deadman was a sports fan before he became a pro wrestler. So, did The Undertaker participate in basketball? He did, according to the answer. The Undertaker played basketball throughout his time in high school. After dropping out of university, he even pondered moving across the Atlantic to Europe to play basketball professionally.

Dutch Mantel related a story about The Undertaker and his basketball abilities on an episode of Sportkeeda’s Smack Talk:

“One day, I’m playing, and we get to this town early, and they’ve got a basketball out there and some kids playing. So, me and ‘Taker go out there and another guy named Action Jackson. So we’re shooting around and then, ‘Taker just said, let’s just play fives, where you hit five baskets, and you win. And I said, ‘Na, you’re 6’11’. He said, ‘I’ll play both of you.’ He played me and Action Jackson. I’m not a good basketball player, but I learned something else that day, Action Jackson can’t play (laughs), and we were held scoreless. ‘Taker just scored all kinds of points. He would shoot from the top of the foul line, from the corner. He was hitting all over. But he is a very good Basketball player, so. He played in some small school in Texas.” Dutch Mantel explained.

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