Mike Chioda thinks Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns is too predictable

Mike Chioda, a former WWE referee, has taken part in several WrestleManias but thinks that this year's event is way too predictable.

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes in a file photo [[email protected]]
By Blesson Daniel | Mar 23, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Mike Chioda, a former WWE referee, has been in a significant number of WrestleMania but worries that the main match this year may be too formulaic. Cody Rhodes will compete against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title, and according to the odds, Rhodes is the clear favorite to win. However, from a plot viewpoint, Rhodes’ path to winning WrestleMania makes a lot of logic, and Chioda predicted that Rhodes would probably defy tradition in order to surprise the crowd.

“If I was a writer, I’d probably put Roman over,” Chioda said on his AdFreeShows.com “Monday Mailbag.” He thinks it’s too predictable to put Rhodes over. “That’s what kills me, WrestleMania, they’re so straight and forward.”

Nevertheless, Chioda sees a “Catch-22” in having Reigns defeat Rhodes in order to save his long-held championship.

“I don’t know how they say, ‘Okay, Cody, you get to the main stage now, you’re back with WWE, and we’re going to job you out. I can’t see that either, but if they wanna swerve the fans, you know what I’m saying?”

“But at WrestleMania? They gonna do a swerve?” asked co-host Paul Bromwell.

“Yeah, I know. Then what are you gonna do? Give it to him at Raw? Or SmackDown?” Chioda asked diplomatically. “I wanna say Cody, but I’m gonna say Roman, ’cause hey look, Cody and Roman don’t make these decisions.”

Before adding that Chioda had previously stated that he believed Vince McMahon still had his hands in the creative till Bromwell pointed out that such choices most likely came down to Triple H and most likely Bruce Prichard. Chioda grinned, “Of course.

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Top WWE talent believes Roman Reigns is expected to retain his belt

With WrestleMania 39 rapidly approaching, Roman Reigns is prepared to defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Title against Cody Rhodes. Paul Heyman, the Tribe Chief’s Special Counsel, recently predicted the high-profile match.

Rhodes will be aiming to end The Tribal Chiefs over the 1000-day reign in perhaps one of the biggest WrestleMania main events of all time. During The Show of Shows, The American Nightmare hopes to capture the world title in memory of his late great-father, Dusty Rhodes.

Faction 919 recently questioned Paul Heyman if Rhodes will defeat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. The Bloodline member responded, saying: “No. Hell no. Eff no. No, no, no, no, no. No,” said Heyman. (H/T WrestlingInc)

See the complete interview below:

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