Did you know Triple H fears his wife?

Stephanie McMahon is the wife of the game, Triple H, and both people have found success in both their given positions.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Image credit: Twitter
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Stephanie McMahon is a notoriously harsh entrepreneur. She has a powerful on-screen presence that will frighten almost anyone. Her ruthlessness aided her takeover of WWE after Vince McMahon retired last year. She took over as Chairperson and Co-CEO alongside Nick Khan until her father returned, at which point she elected to leave the firm. Her bravery and frightening demeanor appear to be more than simply a television character.

Last year, Triple H appeared as a guest on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. Logan Paul remarked during the interview that he wanted to talk about Stephanie McMahon, adding that she was in the studio off-camera. Triple H, on the other hand, was eager to warn Logan Paul about his wife. He joked that he was afraid of her and urged that Logan be as well.

“If you want her to whip your a** go ahead I don’t care. I’m scared of her, you should be too. Yeah, let me just say. You’ve been hit hard, her slap will take your eye out of you head, I’m just saying,” he said.

Stephanie McMahon’s image as a tough and scary businesswoman is well-deserved, both on and off-screen. Keep tuned to Ringside News for more such articles. Do you believe Stephanie’s no-nonsense attitude is critical to her success in the WWE and in business? Or do you believe you can be successful without being ruthless?

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Triple H once fought with this former superstar in the locker room for real

Triple H is now WWE’s Creative Head and one of the company’s biggest names. But before all this, he also had his share of real fights. But “The Game” has always been one of the best guys to know a person’s talent. So, when Triple H joined WWE in 1995 after a brief run in WCW. He became good friends with Shawn Michaels over the following few years. They created the D-Generation X stable. However, the two fell out after HBK had a back injury that caused him to retire from ring activity in 1998.

When Shawn Michaels was out due to his injury he started using drugs. When a wasted HBK went to a WWE show, he had an actual backstage brawl with The Game in full view of the locker room. Triple H discussed the event on DX’s Biography episode.

“After he takes his time off, just intermittent in and out of Shawn, but he’s still a mess. We were nowhere near as close as we were before. There comes a moment where it’s getting worse and worse and it’s the night that Vince buys WCW. We all go into an office to watch this go down. Just as it’s about to happen, in walks Shawn, who is just a mess, it’s just embarrassing. Everybody else goes to Vince, ’embarrassing, he shouldn’t be here.’ Shawn comes out of that conversation and in front of everybody in that locker room, we went at it,” he said.

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