Lita on making her comeback to the ring at the age of 46

The WWE Hall of Famer will take against Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber in Jeddah for the Raw Women's Championship.

Lita challenged Becky Lynch for a championship match on WWE Raw. (Image: WWE)
By Blesson Daniel | Feb 17, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Lita hasn’t won a WWE women’s title in almost a decade. The WWE Raw Women’s Championship will be at stake in Jeddah on Saturday when she takes on Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber. However, Lita, whose actual name is Amy Dumas, has admitted that this “dream” match-up between two elite female wrestlers from separate periods was not exactly a lengthy and drawn-out plan.

She tells The National, “This all happened very spontaneously, which is actually my specialty. If I overthink, things tend to get in the way of myself.”

Women’s Royal Rumble is an annual pay-per-view when wrestlers of all eras battle until only one remain in the ring, and that’s when it all started for her. Even if she didn’t take home the championship, she did get a crack at it.

“Right as I was leaving the Royal Rumble after the match, they asked me if I wanted to challenge Becky. And it was perfect timing because my adrenaline was still going from having just been in the ring.

“And I didn’t have time to get in the way of myself or overthink why I shouldn’t accept the challenge. I just thought about why I should, and so, it was just the opportunity. There wasn’t a lot of thought as to why is this the right time? Opportunity knocked and I just answered.”

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Lita at 46

Literally in amazing form for 46, Lita can still pull off her trademark move the Moonsault as recently seen on an episode of RAW.

For the next match, she claims she has increased the intensity of her training regimen, despite the fact that she has always appreciated being physically active and healthy.

In Lita’s opinion, she is an inspiration to many female wrestlers in the WWE as well as other wrestling companies.

Wrestlers she once idolized are now lending their support as she returns to the arena after a 20-year absence from the wrestling ring.

Lita says, “I think with this most recent challenge to Becky is where it started to sink in a little bit, how much I was able to inspire the women that are there now. Mainly because they told me right before my segment or after and helped give me confidence.

“It really feels like a nice full circle where when they were young growing up, I was able to inspire them. And then now when I’m making this big comeback off of a long hiatus, they’re inspiring me to give me the extra confidence that I need to go out there and do my best.”

As more strides are being made in women’s wrestling, including an impressive three matches on the card at Elimination Chamber in Jeddah, Lita says she thinks it can go even further.

“I never thought I would see women’s wrestling rise as high as it is now. And it’s so exciting to watch because as fire as it is right now, it feels like it is still just beginning. It feels like just such an exciting time to watch. What can they pull off next?”