Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler's medical condition update

Jerry Lawler last appeared at Royal Rumble during the Kickoff Show and has made sporadic appearances on WWE television in recent years.

Jerry The King Lawler in a file photo [Image-Twitter]
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New information has emerged about Jerry Lawler’s ongoing health issues, which have engulfed the professional wrestling community, both fans and superstars alike. As previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler had a medical emergency last night in Ft. Myers, Florida. The Hall of Famer was rushed to a nearby hospital for surgery.

Bill Apter, a wrestling legend, has provided an update on Lawler’s health. Mr. Apter revealed in a tweet that Lawler did not have a stroke, as previously reported. Instead, a relative informed him that the Hall of Famer had a carotid artery problem.

“Some updated news on Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler – my Friend. It was not a stroke, as initially reported. I found out from a family member just about a few minutes ago that it was an issue with Jerry’s carotid artery, surgery was performed. He is in the hospital still and on the mend and sitting up in bed, I was told.”

Apter also mentioned that Lawler is recovering.

“He is starting to recuperate. Our prayers have been answered. Again, it was not a stroke, it was an issue with the carotid artery. The member of the family wants me to say thank you for all your prayers, and we will keep you updated,” said Bill Apter. [0:06-1:02]

According to Apter, it was initially reported that Lawler had suffered a stroke and was experiencing loss of motion in half of his body as well as speech difficulties. Fortunately, it appears that The King’s situation is steadily improving. Jerry Lawler was last seen on WWE TV during the Royal Rumble kick-off show when The King made an appearance.

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Jerry Lawler had a stroke

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler is currently in the hospital after suffering a serious medical problem. The 73-year-old reportedly suffered a stroke at his Florida home and was taken to the hospital after being discovered. Lawler was out with friends for lunch earlier in the day before the medical emergency, according to PWInsider.

On Twitter, wrestling legend Dutch Mantell provided an update on the Hall of Famer’s condition. Lawler is expected to recover from the medical incident, according to Dutch.

Jerry’s condition is improving after a stroke, according to Mantell, and he has regained partial use of his arm. He noted that The King’s speech had been harmed, but that it would take some time to recover.