From now until 2023, Chris Jericho will be a part of AEW

Rumors and speculation about Le Champion's possible return to WWE are unsubstantiated.

Chris Jericho [Image- [email protected]]
By Blesson Daniel | Feb 17, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

According to recent reports and fan beliefs, AEW originator Chris Jericho may be returning to WWE in the near future after Cody Rhodes did. After the apparent breakup of the Inner Circle and the likelihood that WWE might be willing to “take” an AEW superstar, a Reddit user claimed that Jericho’s recent Twitter hint of a comeback may portend a return to WWE. The Reddit poster said that Le Champion would be an excellent contender for Roman Reigns.

However, when you get down to business, all of that is irrelevant. Though Jericho’s three-year AEW contract seems to be coming to an end, Fightful Select has been informed that his agreement has “approximately two years left,” ensuring that he will be paid at least until 2023.

Jericho’s two-year option with AEW was confirmed by

Fans may attempt to connect the dots on a hypothesis like Charlie in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but the plain reality is that Jericho seems to be under contract for the rest of this year and next.

Y2J’s return to WWE is doubtful given Tony Khan’s stated policy of not releasing wrestlers from their contracts unless it’s an emergency scenario, so enjoy Le Champion in AEW while you can.

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Odds in Chris Jericho returning to WWE

Since Y2J is 51 years old, he is no more a young man with boundless energy. There will come a day when Chris Jericho’s years of grueling training will finally catch up with him physically. The nine-time WWE Intercontinental Champion may not have much gas left in the tank with his high-risk offense and rigorous schedule.

As a result, when his contract with AEW expires, he may decide to put his wrestling career on hold. There is a chance that a return to the WWE might be ruled out because of this. It was also announced in July 2020 by the former world champion himself that a comeback was “not going to happen,” in his own words. In spite of his denials, he said he loved Vince McMahon and hinted that a return may be in the cards.

To ratchet up the tension, Jericho hinted a conflict with Kevin Owens, his erstwhile on-screen buddy and opponent. Fans are receptive to the thought of a rematch between the two Canadian Superstars, despite the fact that they have an unmistakable connection together.