Did Chris Jericho recently tease a return to WWE?

Chris Jericho recently left fans guessing with a Twitter response to Kevin Owens, hinting a huge comeback.

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By Blesson Daniel | Feb 15, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


WWE fans haven’t heard “Break the walls down” on WWE in a long time. Chris Jericho is officially a member of the All Elite Wrestling, but anything can happen right. He recently left fans guessing with a Twitter reply to Kevin Owens, hinting at a huge comeback.

Jericho isn’t like Jon Moxley (previously known as Dean Ambrose), who has a grudge against Vince McMahon or any other WWE authority figure.

He’s the one individual who can hop ship while maintaining good relations with both promotions. With his recent Twitter activity, he has piqued the interest of all pro-wrestling fans, and here’s all you need to know.

Following the Super Bowl, AEW star and former World Champion Chris Jericho decided to have some fun on Twitter.

Sunday was the five-year anniversary of Jericho and Kevin Owens’ legendary “Festival of Friendship” segment. The event, of course, signaled the end of Owens and Jericho’s fruitful alliance.

Owens altered his Twitter profile image to a scene from the Festival of Friendship in which Jericho begins to unwrap a present from a friend on Sunday.

The former WWE Champion was aware of the situation and replied by hinting at a comeback to Vince McMahon’s organization:

 “I haven’t forgotten Owens….you never know when you’ll see me again.”

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It’s highly unlikely that Chris Jerico will return to WWE

It is easy to understand why many felt Jericho is hinting at a comeback to WWE. But the issue is, when will it occur? According to sources, Jericho’s contract with AEW would end in January 2022. He did, however, make an appearance on television this month. As a result, many speculate that the veteran’s contract was extended by a year. Let’s take a look at what’s on the horizon!

In the summer of 2020, Jericho announced that he had no plans to return to the WWE, stating that he “couldn’t stay in the same place forever.” The 51-year-old has played a key role in AEW’s rise to prominence as a serious competitor to WWE.

He’s still dedicated to helping this organization flourish over time. As such, there’s no reason to believe that AEW and Jericho will wish to discontinue their fruitful partnership.

It would be interesting to see Owens and Jericho resume their feud, but with Owens’ recent WWE contract deal, it’s doubtful.

So, only speculations can be made till “Y2J’s” return, back to the old turf.



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